Friday, 2 January 2015

What day is it?

What day is it?   I've lost track,  the binmen came today, adding to the confusion.   Normality would be nice!   So it was back to the sketch book, and thought it would be a good idea to tell you which tutorials I'm using.  I found a wonderful artist, Mark Crilley, on Youtube,  he is an illustrator and can be found here:  Mark Crilly Youtube
there are quite a few videos to go through.

Today I decided to have a go at drawing a lion,  and here is the effort.  Not bad I think for a first attempt,  will be revisiting this video.   He breaks the drawing down, and uses guide lines.  Here the nose is too large,  and eyes are too far apart,  need to tone it down, and do more work on the shading.  But not a bad attempt I think. 

I did this yesterday, a wolf.   Want to do this again but using coloured pencils.  The guidelines made it much easier,  I know the concept, but never used it, think I will be from now on.   May get some printable acetate, and make a few guides of my own. 

I used a HB pencil, and a dark wash derwent sketching pencil.   And I definitely need the white pastel pencil!   Not sure whether to do the tiger tomorrow, or the dog...  or an owl!   Decisions, decisions.

First priority is to fix the shower,  got the new fitting today.  I've wired plugs, and other stuff,  problem with this is that some of the wires appear to have been cut short.  I'm annoyed that I can't just replace the cord... grrrr

Well after the rude awakening, finding the bin lorry backing down the street, and having to go put out the bins toot sweet,  it was off to the shops.   No cat litter, and having decided to have curry for dinner I also needed a pepper, and mushroom.   Supermarket was dead,   then it was up to the retail park to get the switch.   It was a beautiful sunny day, spoiled by a howling gale!    Harvey wished to go out this mornng, after our lie in!   So I opened the door and h e then realised how windy it was,  but finally he went out, not for long.  Then he had a play,   him acting like a dog and bringing his little toy back to me to throw,  he found one of the feet off his feeding bowl,  now it is his favourite thing.  It's great,  you chuck it and cos it's made of rubber, and is an odd shape it bounces any old how, so keeps him guessing.   He doesn't like me going out,  I get some real dirty looks, when I return he's there to meet me,  if I move to another room, he follows - and that includes the bathroom.

The decs are down, the flat has been tidied up,  looks much better.  I have plans to blitz the airing cupboard,  it really does need a sort out.   In fact I have a list of stuff that needs to be done, new nets,  decluttering (never ending), sort out craft stuff properly.  My art stuff is in order, which makes a change,  pencils are now in the case I bought,  put in my small sketch book, and other bits that are essential to sketching. 

Well all for now,  time for a cuppa and to feed the cat.

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