Saturday, 7 February 2015

You've been framed!

Is it really Saturday?   That week went by quick.  I intended to have a lie in this morning,  yes, Harvey changed all that!   He wanted feeding,  then he insisted on going out...   and now he's annoying me again to go out.   He's tried once,  managed to get his nose out of the door and a tiny dog passed by,  Harvey was back up the stairs in a flash.  

So I made the most of the early start,  had a bath, washed my hair,  and went out just for a few bits and bobs,  plus I fancied getting a mount and frame for the trees picture.   I also framed the Humming bird glass painting,  it's been lying around for months,  it will soon be on a wall.     I also opened up the surprise case of wine that arrived yesterday,   it is from my naughty but wonderful friend.  

And here are the trees again, but now framed.  I'd love a really nice frame, but this plain one will have to do for the moment.    There were lots of mounts to choose from,  I'd forgotten to measure the picture,   though it is A4,  so a bit of guess work went on.   But I am pleased with it,  not sure where to hang it,  it maybe in the hall,   there is less direct light there,   it will go nicely with my mandala picture.  

While I was at Hobbycraft I also picked up a 7B pencil, they are right, it is black, very black.  I had half a mind to get some coloured paper,  but didn't really want a lot of colours, just grey,  all the pads were multicoloured.   Guess if I try the art shop I'll get what I want.    

I couldn't resist doing this drawing of an orangutan,  it was the cheeky look on his/her face.   All without a grid!    I've not used a grid for the last few drawings,   I do give myself guide lines.  As with this picture his eyes weren't level,  so wanted to make sure I got the angle right.  It needs to be much darker on the left,  and his hair needs to be more pronounced.   I love organgutans, they are so expressive with their faces.   I was spoilt for choice when I was looking for a picture to draw.   I used the 7B pencil as well,  it is so soft,   there was also an 8B, which no doubt is darker. 

I got myself in a bit of a muddle today,  ended up at the supermarket, to get the stuff I'd forgotten to get, and almost forgot to get them again!   Doh...   then I found myself looking at the ready meals wondering what to have for my dinner, then I remembered I'd taken out the chilli con carne,  next I had to go back to the medicines to pick up what I needed to get, ibuprofen - my mind was all over the place.  Even with a list I forget stuff, three times this week I've needed to buy brown sauce, and each time I've forgotten.  

Harvey has given up wanting to go out,  he was going to try again and a dog started barking!  He is such a wimp,   he's now asleep on my bed.   He's not been well today,  think it was payback for stealing the leftovers from my plate.  I knew something was amiss when he didn't want his treat,  usually nothing stops him,  but today he wasn't bothered.   He's had his food,   but it's taken him several feeding sessions to finish one sachet.   I'm not sure meat agrees with him,  he doesn't have any meat cat food,  just the fishy ones,  but if I am cutting meat or making a ham sandwich he always wants some.   I don't give him raw meat anymore,  my old cat loved raw chicken,  and it never affected her, but Harvey seems to have a sensitive tum.  

Well enough waffling,  I have a real challenge tomorrow,  could be hair pulling time!   Thanks for stopping by.

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