Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hard to get going...

Sea shells...  the lower one nearly drove me nuts,  but I learned a lesson - draw what you see, not what you think you see.  I thought I was doing that, but I wasn't,  so my next challenge is to do a still life project.    I also looked around for some drawing/sketching classes,  there are a lot but some are way out of my price league. 

It was a bleary eyed start this morning, I really, really did NOT want to part company with my nice warm bed.   I woke up at about 6,  well I woke up the first time at 2.30,   but after my second wake up,  plus tea and toast,  I drifted off again thinking I'd wake up around 8 a.m.,   instead it was 9.30 a.m.,  which is very decadent for me.  Harvey has at least now realised that I am not a morning person,  and that I need two cups of tea before I can communicate with anyone, human or animal.    So now he waits,  he has a play but no longer disturbs me,  then he will come back and snuggle up with me till I wake up.    He was being a fuss pot about his food,  so I warmed it up,  no, not as in put it in a pan, or the oven,  just took the chill off it and lo and behold he tucked in straightaway.   I did it with one flavour that he isn't keen on with the same result.  

And my Birch trees,  finished.  I worked hard on the bit under the trees, it sort of took on a life of its own.   I didn't want to mess with it too much,   I'd like to add some clouds, but I probably should have done them first.   I can do another tree picture,  feel a bit more confident now.   I had some truly lovely comments on FB,  which is always nice.   So now have to decide what to do next,  aside from the still life, which I need to plan first. 

After my bleary eyed start,  I sank into a lovely bath, my back is appreciating my twice weekly soaks, as are my knees.  The only thing that is a pain is the crappy shower thing I use to wash my hair, it is worse than useless, nor was it cheap.   I then took Mo out for a run,  Mo is my car,  she was in need of a good run.  So we tootled off up the A565, stopping off at the supermarket to buy wine,   oh and a cream cake!     Why, you are thinking, does this woman go so often to the supermarket?   Cos I can't carry much,   hence I shop little and often,  besides it also gets me out.  Tomorrow I'm off to the gallery in Southport,  just fancied a little trip out,  weather is set fair,  still cold but that wind is holding off.   So Mo will have a second long run,  and I have 10p off a litre of petrol thanks to Mr Tesco,  fantastic!   I thought they'd stop the petrol saver thing when the price started coming down,  not that they've put their prices down as much as they should. 

I'm waffling now,  off to do some writing.   Thanks for stopping by.

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