Monday, 16 February 2015

Being sketchy

I was there yesterday,  on the beach, not at sunset,  in the morning.  It was such a beautiful day that I just had to go enjoy it.   I met a lot of dogs,   the canine variety,   all happy to be out in the sunshine,  as was I.     All this came after a disturbed night,  and two anxiety attacks.   I got myself worked up thinking how to fit everything in, well there was ironing,  and I needed milk...  all niggly stuff, not worth worrying about you may think, but for someone like me it can become a big deal.  I sat myself down,   had a cuppa and calmed down, then worked out what to do.   Go out,  get some fresh air, a very short walk,  the pop to the shops - simples!   In the end it was,  but it is odd how stuff can overwhelm you.    I think I am still in care mode,  thinking that I have to be back to do stuff,  a hard habit to shake off.    The fresh air, and short work, very short, did me the world of good. 

Drawing wise it was a day of exercises.  After the walk I decided to go get that coloured pad, which turned out to be a bit of a mistake!   Anyways, I ended up looking at the books, which had been restocked,  and came across the one I meant to buy at Christmas,  which is on landscapes, so I bought it.   That became the basis of my drawing exercises for the afternoon.    A lot of things to work on,   drawing what you see for example,  something I really do need to work on.   Then I moved on to trees,   that was a very useful exercise,   which I'll revisit in the next few days.    Today I moved on to two more exercises,  a pine tree, first effort was a complete mess, had to tell myself that it was okay to get it wrong!   Next attempt was much better, think what I need is a better photo than what is in the book - you get told to follow the photo, but it is so tiny it is impossible.   I was starting to get the hang of it,  but I felt it best to leave it alone for a day.   So I switched to a landscape,   again the first effort went pear shaped.  I tried working with charcoal, as suggested by the book,  but I lacked confidence with that medium so I switched back to the pencils.  So second effort was much, much better,   and when I'd set it aside then looked at it later I realised it was rather good.     Then I found this pic,  which I want to do with the pencils. 

And this painting, this sums up the weather we've been having - freezing cold most of the time.     I remember spending ages trying to get this right, not sure how many attempts I made,  it wasn't the tree, which is awful, but the ice and snow.    I guess I am hoping that my drawing will give me more control in my painting,  not attempted any painting for a few weeks.   The pencils give me control,  a brush doesn't,  well, not yet.     I realise now how much I've progressed.   I was looking at the work of a friend,  oh boy has she come on leaps and bounds over the last few years.  I love her fearlessness,   she'll pick up the brush and paint whatever is in her head.  Oh for that freedom! 

Well I need to knuckle down and make a card or something this week, it has to involve a sentiment, of which I have tons.   And a trip to the Walker Art Gallery tomorrow,  it has a lot of interesting exhibits at the moment.  

Enjoy the week, many thanks for stopping by

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