Friday, 13 February 2015

All in a days work

Why did no-one tell me it was Friday 13th?   Not that anything happened,  although there is still a few hours to go.   Bit of a yucky start to the day,  as in the morning just came round far too quickly.   The shock must have caused my brain to stall as I then did some ironing...  

I got round to drawing my first still life,  well it is a first attempt.  The apples aren't too bad, but the jug is not so hot,  more practice is needed.   But it is a start,  will have another shot at it,  and maybe with more fruit,  possibly in colour.  Getting a bit tired of grey,  too much like the weather,  which today was completed by rain.   I might indulge in a coloured paper pad.  

Yes, a meerkat, it had to be done!   Mind you it very nearly didn't thanks to Harvey.   Yesterday he was in a mad mood,  and getting into all sorts of mischief,  he decided to first knock over the mini easel,  then take the awkward route to the window... using the full occasional table and sending everything flying.   He just wouldn't stay still, I let him out and he was back in within five minutes.  It wasn't until 5 pm that he finally crashed out.   Today he was the opposite,  he's been asleep most of the day.  

I tried drawing this meerkat two weeks ago and got nowhere, so I frankly didn't hold out much hope, but it all came together. No grid either,  for some drawings I need the grid, and for others I am okay.  Wierd.  

I did this on Tuesday,  just felt like a change.  It was the first time I'd tried anything like this, so I was chuffed that I'd managed it.  I uploaded it to a FB group I belong to and some smarty pants said he'd been drawing them since he was a kid, and that I'd got it wrong.   Well if I have then the youtube tutorial I watched is also wrong.  I just felt he was being really mean minded.   It is a really supportive group, many have a bash at the challenges,  and we are always encouraging to each other.    That encouragement has paid off,  many, like me, who haven't drawn for years, are grateful for those kind words and any constructive criticism.  But this guy was just so negative,  funny though he's never submitted any of his work! 

And finally, this is the new drawing challenge - oriental.  I was going to draw a geisha girl, but then changed my mind as I couldn't find a suitable picture. It was just as well cos someone else chose the geisha, and another person drew a magnificent dragon.   So I did this chap,  a Chinese peasant,  just need to realign his eyes!    I'll be tackling a pagoda tomorrow,  not drawn any buildings so far,  it could be an interesting exercise.   I had a practice at drawing, noses, eyes and ears the other day,   oh and lips.   Need to do that more often,  as it paid off today.    I've begun a drawing of a samurai warrior,   I need to take my time over it as there is so much detail,  that's why I switched to this chap. 

It's not been a bad week for drawing,   some hits,  a few misses but I am seeing some improvement.  Still got a way to go,  but it will be a very enjoyable journey. 

I also made my first card using Craft Artist,   I was going to resort to a bought card for a crafter's birthday,  a sin I know,  then I remembered I could use CA.  So my first effort, which I can't upload as she may see it, wasn't that bad.    The only snag was not having the right sized envelope,  I had everything but the right size!   Which is typical of course.  Now just have to find an afternoon to make another swap...  uh oh,  Harvey has arrived,  may need to point him in the direction of his food bowl.  Funny that he has no problem spotting birds,  or sniffing out my ham or garlic sausage, yet he can't find his food bowl...   he is in fuss pot mode,  but it isn't working.   He caved in this morning and gobbled up what I'd put down, he did the same thing this evening.  

Off to the art gallery tomorrow,  maybe I can remember to take my sketchbook with me this time.  Have a lovely weekend

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