Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tuesday witterings

Another day and a few more drawings.   I've been doing a couple of these over the last few days.  Like this fellah, another organgutan,  I liked his face and haircut.  But he has lots of fur,  hence why after I drew his face I took a few days to do his fur,  he's still far from finished, he needs a lot more whispy fur.  

It does mean always having something to do, which is nice, or I can break from another drawing.   Today one drawing just wouldn't work,  then the second,  which I thought would be more difficult just came together, weird how that works!  Same with crafting,  there are times when you are battling to make a card,  then the next day it all just slots together.   Not that I am making many cards these days,  in fact today I bought a birthday card rather than battle with myself to put a card together. 

This is Cader Idris,  not sure I've done it justice, but it was an interesting exercise in layout.  I know I'll end up going back to this to do more shading.    This was in my work book, the exercise was landscapes and layout,   it is things I'd never think of, as in 'keep it simple' when you block in the outline.  Shading was also key to this drawing,  and making the pencil work for you.  

And finally my Masia woman,  this was for the African challenge.   I thought this drawing would be hard, but in fact it just came together.  I love older faces, they are much more interesting than smooth skinned youngsters.    It also occurred to me that I could do a sketch of my udu,  an African drum, and yes I can play it,  just.   It is played by women, who also make them out of clay. 

It was a yucky day,  grey,  dank and yes, cold!   Guess who hogged the hottie last night,  him with the fur coat.   He's been good to day, wolfed down three sachets of food, whereas usually he manages half a sachet at a time.  Seems the warming up thing is working.    This morning he was actually waiting to be fed, went straight to his dish, no fuss just started eating.   He also had some lap time,  of course he chooses the most inconvenient time,  as when I need my second cuppa, or want to do the crossword.  

Otherwise it was just another day in paradise,  not.   Same old stuff,  finding that there was no cat food,  or podge,  porridge.   There always seems to be something that can't wait.    So for a change I went to the newly revamped Sainsbury's,   it is huge.   Wandered around their household goods,  lots of lovely stuff,    but what I needed was the cat food, podge and mushrooms,  so how the choc biccies slipped into the trolley I have no idea!    Even the self service was hassle free,   don't normally use them but they had so few checkouts open I had no choice, which was obviously the plan.   So when business has succeed in removing all workers from the workplace - how will business continue, cos there will be no money to sustain consumerism  as us minions won't be working, no work, no money.  And when will the rich learn to pay their way?    They have so much dosh they don't know what to do with it, yet they pay big bucks to avoid paying tax,  and also paying thier workers a decent wage.

Mini rant over,  blame it on this endless speculation about the election.  There should be a blanket ban on all electioneering until a month before the election.    I've also given up watching Sky news,  it is the mouthpiece of the tory party. 

Right, on that note I'm off...   thanks for stopping by.

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