Saturday, 21 February 2015

A cat, a bird and a feather...

A yuck week,  started out okay on Sunday, lovely short walk and it has been down hill from there on.    A drawing went wrong,  think I bit off more than I could chew...  then Harvey got himself into a tizz woz, so two of us in a tizz woz didn't make for a happy atmosphere. 

Today was better,  I started a sketch on Tuesday, of a cheetah (coming in a mo),  that calmed me down.  Then today I was having a tidy up and picked up one of my art magazines, opened at the page of a pencil drawing tutorial!  So realising they were using the pencils I've got I set forth...  so I began this Kingfisher sketch.   I had most of the pencils,  but need t get a few more so I can to it full justice.  But I really enjoyed this sketching,   the colouring was very therapeutic.    I'm using the Faber & Castell, polychromos,  lovely to use and blend so well.

Well the yucky feeling has turned to feeling plain odd,  best way I can describe it.  I've had a pins and needles like sensation in my face and neck,  on and off for couple of months,  now it's going down my arms and into my hands.  When I came back from Hobbycraft my hands wouldn't work,  well not fiddly stuff, kept trying to turn the page of the paper but just couldn't do it.  Today, Saturday, popped out for a few bits, and to just get out of the flat, but when I got to the shops I felt as if I was going to flake out,  so came back home.  Now feeling worried,   doc said that it was probably nothing when I told him a month ago,  now I know he's definitely wrong!   So it was a very quiet afternoon for me,  just colouring the kingfisher,  still have lots to do to him,  but it's nice to just sit and colour.
My lovely cheetah,  still needs finishing off.  This has been a joy to draw,  he has emerged from the page slowly.   I'm taking my time with him,  still got a ways to go, but who cares! 

I started with his nose,  that way I had a point of reference for his eyes.  I've noticed, or begun to notice that all wild animals,  and domestic cats, have this black ring round their eyes,  like eyeliner,  and the big cats have very short ears.  Their markings tend to be symmetrical,   and I happen to like their noses!  

It's nice working between drawings,  keeps things fresh.  So one more drawing to show...  before I sign off.  

A peacock feather,  another tutorial from the art magazine.  This has taken a whole afternoon,  but it took my mind off not feeling great.   The centre was built up using dots and a combo of about four different blues.  It was, as I finally got the hang of it, a flicking technique,  plus patience.   The wispy bits are made up of green and two browns, plus orange.  

Harvey has also been in a relaxed mood, I gave him some reiki last night, then again this morning,  he's quite happy to lay there.   He found the sunniest spot on the window ledge,  and then moved to my bed for more sunbathing.   He's had two bowls of food, a slice of garlic sausage and some cream, plus his treats.  He gets three treats a day, after meals,  he likes me to chop them into bits and throw them,  he's very good at catching them. 

That's all for now,  think I need to rest now.  Enjoy the weekend. 

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