Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Best try again!

Had this idea: to sketch some of the tennis players..  only didn't figure for the heatwave!   We've had 30C here, and inside the flat it was 32C, so me and the cat melted together.  It also did for my sketching.

This was my attempt at Federer,  better than the first attempt but still not right.   I guess you could say it is 'getting there'.  The eyes are quite right, nor is the mouth...  so will be trying again, but will use a different picture. 

Yesterday was impossible,  from morning to night I sweltered.  Had windows open,  there was a slightly cool breeze, and the fan on.  Harvey eventually realised that if he lay in front of the fan he could cool down.  I was worried about him, he hadn't eaten a thing, I mixed some milk with water so he didn't get dehydrated, then cooked him some fish.

My attempt at Murray, eyes are fine, nose is okay,  but the mouth!   I should have locked the aspect when I enlarged the picture,  I didn't so his face is a bit longer than it should be. Again it will be take two tomorrow. 

I was watching his match yesterday, they were saying he slowed down, not surprised since it was 41.7C on centre court!   He was also playing a tricky customer, a bit of a streaky player,  not ideal in such heat, but he got the job done.  Nadal looked a tad rusty and nervous,  Federer is in good shape,  Novak also looks a little ring rusty.   Not much to say about the women,  Watson needs to up her game.  I remember them all saying last year that Serena would win,  and they're saying the same this year.  Well last year Williams got knocked out, so I am rooting for Kivitova.  Like how she plays.

And Novak,  best of the three I'd say, sketches that is.  In my estimation he has a long way to go before he can enter the same breath as Federer.  

Slightly cooler today,   my best bit of the day was in Sainsbury's,  just wandered around slowly enjoying the air con!    Had to laugh at myself this morning, caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror this morning,  what a hair style - it was all standing on end!   Ended up washing it,  which I felt was a waste of time since it would end up the same by tomorrow.   Just lay on top of the bed,  wondered whether to leave a couple of windows open, however Harvey has this habit of trying to get out through the window if the door isn't open, so I didn't chance it.   So he flopped in the hall, and I flopped on top of my bed.  No fan, the noise keeps me awake,  but I did sleep,   think it was because I was so tired.

It has made meal time easier, salad!   Though the first one was not so nice,  I'd got some little gem lettuces from Sainsbury's, and they weren't very nice at all.   Got some better lettuce today,  some cold chicken, my was the barbecue, his was the plain.  So tonight's dinner was very tasty,  diced some red pepper,  a large spring onion...   all healthy till I put the salad cream on it! 

They've said it will cool down, I hope so,  I no longer cope in the heat, all my joints ache for a start, and I just feel wiped out.   Trying not too moan, I love the sun,  and don't mind it being warm,  just not up in the 30s please.    Wonder if I can stay awake to watch the women's footie?  

Stay cool... 

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