Sunday, 12 June 2016

A tale of two rooves and a chimney, or two

What a day, more of that later.  First to focus on the rear wall of Nanna's Pantry.   I used the mask and molding paste,  then gave it a coat of chapel stone (grey).   Left that to dry overnight, then rather than use paint I decided to use the Tim Holtz distress ink pads, various colours.   I used some cut and dry foam to apply the colour,  just kept going until I was happy.   Then I smudged on some TH black soot distress ink. Not finished yet...   left it all to dry.  Next day I used a scribe tool (anything sharp), and began to just pick out the 'mortar' under the ink.  Still working on that, takes forever,  but it is starting to look more like a tiny brick wall.  I will seal it with some satin mod podge.   Doing this has rekindled my interest in mixed media, still got my other masks...  watch this space. 

These are the colours I used to get the wall colour.  I keep them out of the sun, in a cool dry space.  Oh, I also used 'old paper',  which also gives an aged look.  So let's fast forward...

Two finished properties!   With rooves, all painted, distressed, with 'moss' and their chimneys.   The chimneys took the longest,  for the one on Nanna's Pantry I used some of the paper clay and the brick mold, or stamp,  it is just the right size for such a small item.  For Purbeck Cottage I just applied some render.  To fix them both into place I used the molding paste,  thought it would fill in any gaps, and it did.  The moss is just some grass.  So all done,  now need to choose which property from Memory Lane to do next.

Back to my day.  I had to attend an assessment, yes, on a Sunday.  A neighbour said she could come with me,  that made me feel a little better.  But at the last minute her sister in law let her down, she was meant to be sitting with my neighbour's husband who has alzheimers.  So had to go alone, well my neighbour took me there.  I felt really sick, and cos it was so early I was still very achy and sore.  I was ready for a long wait, last time I waited nearly an hour to be seen.   But this time they were fairly quick.  Even so I was still dreading it.  It is like an interrogation, can you do this, how do you do that.  Stuff like how do you feel if your GP is delayed seeing you.  To me that was irrelevant, I've been using the same surgery for umpteen years, I know the staff, they know me and my medical history.  Instead I explained how I felt bloody angry the other week as I had to wait over an hour at the hospital.  Then I realised that I was hanging on to my ecig!  Not sure if the assessor was worried I'd use it,  so I said I was just holding it to calm me down, using it would have helped calm me.  On it went for nearly an hour, then I could go.  Got to the toilet and broke down,  just sobbed,  thought I was going to be sick at one point.    I got a lift home,  well a taxi, which happened to be driven by the boyfriend of another neighbour, it was nice to see a friendly face.  Took me ages to calm down,    had a cuddle with Harvey,  a nice cuppa and sat down to work on the houses.  Felt better for distracting myself. 

I'll have a quiet day tomorrow,  and choose my new property,  four to choose from!   One is called Crimple Cottage, how cute is that?   Need a quiet day,  for the last three weeks my flat has been invaded by workmen,  one was supposed to come back last Thursday to replace the damaged bath panel,  then arrange a time when he could repair the other things he got wrong.  Guess I'll have to chase them up,  wish they'd never had to refurb the bathroom,  I had no option,  others who've had their bathrooms done haven't had any problems, trust me to be the one who ends up with a useless workman. 

I now need a glass of wine.  Some tennis on the telly tomorrow,  Queens,  oh and Andy Murray has teamed up with Lendl again!  Good news.  Now for that glass of wine.

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