Thursday, 9 June 2016

How many workmen does it take to fix a shower...

Let me take you back to Monday, this was how my shower looked.   After another phone call an electrician was sent, one that knows what he is doing.   He agreed with me that the water pressure was too low,  so he sent for a real plumber.  Was told he may not be able to come till Tuesday, ho hum, more waiting.   But... he arrived at 4 pm,  and sorted out the pressure problem,  took him about fifteen minutes.  Relief,  I could have a shower, or could I, mmm, couldn't find the cover.  Either electrician had waltzed off with it or I'd put it somewhere safe.  Oh noooooooo...   Well I'd waited this long, so surely I could last one more day?   Course I could, grudgingly that is.  I was feeling tetchy, but that was because of the heat, which, for some reason, makes me very achy.  So I sat down stairs, on the stairs,  it was lovely and cool down there,  and watched Harvey bask in the sunshine.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!   A fully functioning shower, at last.  Actually it wasn't quite fully functioning on Wednesday.  However I did find the cover, but had no screws, bathroom fitter had gone off with them.  So I found some screws to act as a temporary fix, and sod it, I was going to have a shower.  Was the wait worth it, oh yes, actually it is a pretty powerful shower without actually being a power shower.  It certainly helped with the aches and pains,   also washing my hair was much, much easier.   The extractor fan also did its job and kept the steam out, not that there was much as I didn't need a hot shower.    Then later that afternoon another electrician arrives, with right screws, followed by the man who checks the work.  I pointed out the snags, as in damaged bath panel, and a loo that wasn't screwed to the floor, and a missing tile behind the loo.    They both said that the shower had to have a silicon seal before I could use it,  so I said that I already had!

Right, to Memory Lane.  Purbeck Cottage and Nanna's Pantry have now got a roof.   That's how I've been using my time,  working on the houses, while waiting for workmen.   I've put a first coat on the rooves,  and sorted out both of their chimneys.  For the rear wall of the Pantry I went back to the mask technique,  then used a variety of the TH distress inks to get the colour.  But I'll show a few photos of that tomorrow, and which ink pads I used. 

As you can see Nanna's Pantry is looking the part now.  For its roof I used card from a cereal box, as advised by Bea in her how to book (will give a proper plug tomorrow).  I have to say that I prefer using the cereal box card,  it has given a much better look to the roof.  So I'd best start eating cereal.  Actually I tend to eat cereal in the summer months, nothing nicer than cereal and cool milk.  A neighbour has just passed in some strawberries that he's been growing on his allotment, I had some last year and they were delicious. 

Now that the bathroom palava seems to be at an end,  I can focus a little on the garden.  Need to get some bedding plants, how long have I been saying that?   Just not been in the mood, and the bathroom saga really got me down.  The black dog has been following me around a lot lately.    I heard someone refer to depression/anxiety as a mental injury, and they were right.  That is exactly what it is, something is broken,  and it has to be treated, but treated properly.   They've now come up with a blood test that can help with the diagnosis and also what type of anti depressant you need.  If that really is the case then that will stop a lot of unnecessary suffering.  At the moment finding the right anti depressant is a lottery,  your GP will go for what he/she has always used, you get told it takes a few weeks to kick in. So after a few weeks and you feel no better he/she ups the dose,  you wait again, still no relief,  no counselling cos there is a bloody long waiting list.  Back you go,  doc says try this anti depressant,  usually the cheapest, see if that one works. And so on and so forth.  You can wait years to see someone who knows what they are talking about and can prescribe the right antidepressants,  during all of that time you cope as best you can, only some don't cope.

Fed up of this EU stuff,  seems like nothing else matters.   As for the shambles on the vote registration page, er why did so many leave it so late to register?   We had local elections recently, so clearly many felt no compulsion to exercise their francise then.   I may have said, but my first ever vote was the first referendum on the then EEC,  and I've voted in every election since.  I did miss a few local elections because of my army service,  but I have always exercised my right to vote.  What I have found very illuminating about all this EU stuff, or the mud slinging, is that we now know that we were all lied to during the last election by the Tories, they never had any intention of getting immigration down,  cos they knew they couldn't.  Oh and more come to this country from outside the EU, and I ain't talking about refugees. 

Think I need to get out tomorrow,  going a bit stir crazy.  Nope, no mention of that final,  just think Mr Murray let his opponent off the hook, hope he has learned that lesson once and for all.  Wimbers in a couple of weeks,  some tennis from Eastbourne, then Queens before the All England.   Now off for a much needed cuppa. 

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