Sunday, 19 June 2016

New week and new things to build.

Say hello to Buttons and Bunting,  my fourth Memory Lane project.   This lovely little shop arrived on Thursday,  and she was carefully put to one side whilst I watched the tennis and football, and did a little more landscaping on another project. 

Of course I watched the final today,  it was a bit nail biting at times, but the boy came good in the end.   Now have to hope he can win Wimbledon!   He was in good form, and being aggressive, which is what he needs to do. 

Good job that there was tennis on the telly as the weather has been awful.  It was fine this morning, then slowly the clouds crept in, and just after lunch it began to rain, and it hasn't stopped since.   Harvey is unamused,  though he did get a treat, some smoked sausage, which I thought he wouldn't like but he did.

On Friday I began work on Buttons and Bunting.   First job was to make some wallpaper.  I used Craft Artist Pro.   I chose some of the 'material' from the various digi kits, then made a small tile out of it,  next it was a case of copying and pasting until I'd made the wallpaper.   I did the same for the flooring,  managed to find something that resembled a tiled floor.  The next logical task was to get wallpaper on walls, which is fiddly, and time consuming but worth it.  Though once again I was a bit distracted by the tennis.   It was all left to dry thoroughly overnight.

Once I'd glued the side and rear walls together, I began work on the shop front.  Like Nanna's Pantry,   it also has a shop front,  but the upper half of the wall is made of 'brick'.   I wondered whether to use the paper clay or molding paste.  In the end I used the paper clay, but used the brick mask  Once I had the clay in place I put the brick mask on top, then using my mini brayer I rolled over the mask until I was happy with the impression.  Got to say it turned out better than I imagined.  Just waiting for the clay to dry then I can tidy it all up and paint it.   I only need to put bricks on the rear wall as the shop goes between two other properties.

Inbetween the nailbiting moments of the tennis I also painted the doors and windows.  Yes that black funny looking thing is a door.  It has three parts,  the big bit, the door bit, and the door frame.  The two rectangles with holes are for the top of the chimney.

 This is the brick mask I used. The nicest I think,  or it could be that it covers the most area. 

Aside from housebuilding I've also been sorting out the garden.  I've ignored it for the last couple of years, then I realised that I'd let one of the lavender plants die because I'd not watered it.  That sort of knocked me out of my inertia.   I got out my little stool,  just right height for the pots, and set to.  Took out a rotten old rose bush,  my next door neighbour helped get rid of the rotting wooden pots, and he kindly refilled the new plastic pots that have been laying in the shed.  I let him figure out the best place for them, well he is the garden expert.   Then it was a case of what to put in the empty pots!  So on Thursday morning I popped up to one of our many garden centres,  I got a lovely fuschia, and some bedding plants, so that was two pots filled, two to go.  I fancied putting in another patio rose,  one for my mum.  So today I went to another garden centre, and found the perfect little rose,  it is called 'sweet memories' and is a lovely shade of coral, which was my mum's name.  I got another plant as well, but can't remember what it is called, but it is full of pretty flowers.  I'll put them in tomorrow.   My neighbour also offered to take apart the two large wooden planters, both are also way past their best.   Just seeing the pots full of fresh peat made me feel better.  My neighbour's garden is lovely,  he's even growing some tomatoes.  The other day he gave me some strawberries that he'd grown on his allotment, they were so sweet. 

Must take some pics of the new plants tomorrow, the weatherman has promised a dry day.  I also have to make some phone calls about the bathroom.  It still isn't finished,  the damaged bath panel hasn't been replaced, and I'm miffed that they didn't replace my glass shower door.  I've also found a few other things wrong.  

Time to stop I think, wine time.  Enjoy your week. 

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