Sunday, 5 June 2016

Not exactly showered with success

As they say: phew what a scorcher!   Boiling here,  a tad too hot for me, and for Harvey who sadly is unable to remove his fur coat.  Just no-one mention the French Open, not quite the result I was hoping for,  only a couple of weeks to wait till it is time for Wimbledon.  I'll update you on the bathroom at the end... oh yes, the saga continues!

In the meantime there is Nanna's Pantry, which is coming along nicely.   The front is now complete.  For the shop window I used raw umber, to give it a washed out look. Then for the front door and upper window I used Lamp Black.  The shop window also has a display shelf,  I gave that a very thin coat of cream paint, then dabbed on some TH old paper, to give it a distressed look.  I had to trim the acetate for the shop window, which proved fiddly because it was in situ.  Note to self, check size next time. 

And the rear wall is also done.  I did try to use the scribe method on this wall, but for some reason couldn't get straight lines.  Also I was having problems making the grooves for the bricks, my right hand has been really sore of late.  I've lost some strength in both wrists and hands, but the right hand is the worst.  Guess it makes sense as it is my dominant hand.   So I reverted back to molding paste and the mask.  However, rather than paint it, I used the TH distress inks to get the brick colour. First I gave the bricks a coat of chapel stone grey,  using a Crown Tester pot,  then let that dry overnight.   Then came the fun part!

These are four of the five inks I used, the fifth being the old paper.  I began with the rusty hinge, then used the fired brick (very apt), some walnut stain, and kept going until I was happy.  Then I dabbed on some of the black soot.  It will be sealed with a coat of the glossy mod podge.  It does save all that mucking around with paint.  

So shall I return to the bathroom?   Not literally.  In the last post I said that I'd fixed the flush switch on the toilet (with the help of YouTube).  After I tested the shower, the electrician had said that a screw needed to be tightened, with a bit of help from YouTube, I located the fixing screw,  and was going to tighten it, but... the plumber had put the screw in the wrong place, meaning that the shower could not be properly located into place.   It needed a masonery drill, which I have, but which, I discovered, is now too heavy for me to use.  I decided to risk it anyway, so put the front cover on, and switched on the shower... nothing, nada, zilch, no water!   Some expletive, deletives followed.   Then I made an angry call to the chap in charge,  who said he'd get it fixed on Monday.  So have to make do with the bath, which is just not as convenient as the shower.

I was also delayed at the hospital, and got to see the doctor an hour after my appointment time.  She did apologise for the delay,  I was more worried about going over the two hours in the car park and having to pay £7 if I did.    Not a lot to report other than I have chronic anaemia,  caused by who knows what,  actually I just couldn't be bothered to ask.  I was hot, fed up and the black dog was by my side (depression for those unfamiliar with the black dog analogy).  Plus the doc is a bit miserable,  I said that I was an 'oddity', and instead of getting a reaction she just carried on typing on the computer.  So she sent me off for more blood tests,  apparently my liver test was a bit high, and of course they immediately accuse you of drinking too much.  I'm drinking far less these days, but am on a tremendous amount of painkillers.  The liver test was in the danger zone, only very slightly high,  but the one I had at the GP only a few weeks ago was normal.   It felt like one of those days when things were just never going to go right.  Like with the traffic, I seemed to get stuck behind every dozy so and so, or choose the most congested route.  Then at the petrol station I chose the wrong pumps,  taken up by two people who took their own sweet time to fill their cars, then go pay for them...  then saunter back, the final insult was the woman directly in front of me who then decided to chat to her back seat passenger before moving off!   Please note, that if you are at a petrol station and you notice long lines of traffic, then DON'T do a go slow!   Why was I rushing to get home, because the plumber had promised to return to finish off a few small jobs, he never showed up, which is why the shower isn't work, and why I had to fix the flush button.  

The heat is making me very achy,  going to enjoy a nice, cool, glass of water,  got a jug cooling in the fridge.   I'm only moaning about the heat cos it affects me, I know plenty of others are loving it, and so they should.  Right, off for that glass of water,  enjoy the upcoming sunny week.  And thank you for stopping by.

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