Monday, 12 September 2011

And another weekend bites the dust

Bit of a soggy affair our weekend,  weather was just unpredictable.  Mum headed off to meet her friends for coffee on Saturday,  and no sooner had she left in a taxi than she was back!    Felt a bit mean,  sort of resented her coming back,  I like my Saturday afternoons,  I can just potter about to my hearts content. 

Then Sunday arrived, had the lie in I had desired the day before!   The usual mixed bag of weather, a surprise phone call from a friend to say she was in the area and she'd pop round in the afternoon.   Wasn't happy, mum had 'stolen' my crossword!   Cheek of it.   But no need to worry as she'd not managed to answer any of it.    Well yes I did worry as she'd also not managed to complete the easy crossword, which she always does.  Aged parents are a worry.  

Of course it was also the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, so was watching that when friend arrived.   The images of the planes smashing in to the buildings are still hard to believe even now, ten years on.   I hope some will now find closure and move on.    A very moving ceremony nevertheless. 

Did manage a few more decals,  getting better at fixing them onto the candle.  They are tricky,   they can move so easily, so you have to keep checking that all is straight and that there are no air bubbles.    But sent pics through to a friend, she loved them.   Some will be Xmas pressies, but got an idea to sell them as well. 

Very windy here,  last bit of that hurricane is working its way across the country,  just been watching a crane being rocked by the wind - very alarming. 

All for now, thanks for stopping by.   Oh, just working out Blogger's new settings, will restore my favourites soon and be visiting other blogs. 

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