Thursday, 29 September 2011

Phew what a scorcher....

So where has this weather been hiding?   I've had to dig out the fan from the cupboard just so I can stay cool. 

Well yesterday was one of my better days!   I popped down to the Carer's Centre to volunteer as a therapist,  it was very busy but I was the solitary volunteer therapist, felt sure that there'd be more.  But it was good to see a large turnout, think the Centre manager was chuffed.  I've filled in all the forms, had a brief chat with the chap who organises all the therapies,  he told me that they have a waiting list for reiki, so the sooner I can get my CRB clearance the better.  Just had to get permission for two references.    All the stuff I need will be supplied, that was a great relief,  treatment tables can be pricey.  Just got to organise some insurance.  It will be nice having something to do, a routine. 

I'll also be doing MBS fairs with a friend,  we just thought we'd give it a go. 

Think it is time for a cooling shower...    another hot night ahead.

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