Monday, 26 September 2011


So what is a Mandala?   Well look at the picture!  They are used in meditation as a focal point,  they are usually symmetrical,  and religious symbolism from Tibet.  I just spotted a kit at the MBS fair yesterday,  I had great fun putting this one together, all with coloured sand,  would have liked a few more colours but you have to work with what you've got.

It was very enjoyable to do, and then I remembered my spirograph,  remember them?    Not sure how many Mandalas I must have made back then, all accidentally.   I did love my spirograph, one of my better Xmas pressies.   Just had so much fun with it.

There is another reason to be happy, summer is back!   I do love our crazy weather, never makes any sense.   Last week they were saying that for my bit of the country it would be a wet and windy weekend,  and it was the opposite.   Today was glorious,  sunshine all the way.  Not yet packed away the summer gear.

I've also been busy decorating more candles,  these are the Buddha candles, all come with  a pertinent proverb or quote on the reverse side.   Finally got to grips with the decals,  realised I hadn't been using enough of the varnish on them, so gave the new batch 3 good layers, that made them much more stable and easier to put onto the candles.  Very happy with the end result,  also tried the same with the clear decals, they also became much more stable and easier to position.   Phew....  my plan has worked!  Now just trying some other forms of decoration,  picked up some stuff today,  jewellry stuff,  beads, wire and fixings,   the idea is to make a decoration for a candle, then see which my niece wants for her wedding.  Not the buddhas!   Nooooo, the candles which have a flower design on them.    Also have to put together the flower creation,  just need to make them first....    The folding bit is easy,  just getting the vellum to stick together,  takes a while for the pinflair to set.   May also use some embossing powder on them. 

Still doing a lot of sketching,  rather nice really to just doodle.  No more birthday cards for the moment, not until November.  Guess best make some sort of start on some Xmas cards.  

Thanks for stopping by, your support is much appreciated.   Enjoy this lovely weather

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