Friday, 16 September 2011

And the weekend approaches

I've spent all week waiting for delivery of 3 items,  two of which were ordered LAST week.  Was at the verge of contacting sellers to complain, as both had sent me e-mails saying that goods had been dispatched the day after order.   So today I head off to get weekend shopping and come back to find two of the purchases have finally been delivered.   Not what you expect of internet shopping, not when the item is in stock...   

The delivery of these items meant I could get on and complete some projects, though one arrived too late for me to be able to get it to the recipient by hand.  Annoyed about that,  or is it Royal Mail?   Poor posties seem to be overloaded with stuff to deliver,  our postie is now using a trolley, which is choc full of post.   Like to see some of these flash managers out doing the job! 

So finally managed to finish my swap card,  just wanted to use a different font on the Slice machine.  Second delivery was the clear decal paper,  dispatched to me last Saturday....   arrived today.  That is ridiculous considering what I paid in postage! 

I had to do some cropping to make image fit the required candle,   thank goodness for photo shop!  This is the end result,  it has had two coats of acrylic varnish, just needs one more.  Made sure that I did some draft prints on paper to check the measurements,  just needed a few tweaks here and there to make it fit.   Also added names and date, think god daughter will like that,  well her mum thinks she will!  

Got my second psychic art workshop tomorrow,  just felt I had some unfinished business.   But will enjoy just letting rip onto a canvas.   Had a great time at the last workshop. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend...   thanks for stopping by

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