Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bit of a rubbish day

Today started badly,  managed to sleep in,  weather was crap, hard to get myself going but I  needed to be out of the house by 10.15 a.m. to make it to a funeral.   I made it with minutes to spare,  after worrying about mum, who was still in bed, very unlike her.   The funeral, short, to the point and poignant.    Bit of a reunion as well, all the old face,  many I'd not seen for a few years, so we had a nice catch up.  Not at the pub, it wasn't open,  didn't pubs used to open at 11.30?   Anyway we headed off to garden centre and enjoyed a coffee, plus a lot of conversation.   It was odd seeing everyone again, none looked as if they'd changed one bit,  and none of us thought that it would be Jillian who's funeral we would be attending. 

Then had to head home for quick sandwich, check up on mum and back out for hospital appointment.  I feel like I've spent the last 3 years at that hospital,  even the staff know me!   Well the knee replacement bit is okay,  what is still causing problems is the ruddy kneecap, which they said they'd replace, but didn't!   So why were they so surprised when I told them I was still having problems?   Also got some scar tissue issues.    So no discharge, just come back in a couple of months.   Cowardly consultant avoided me,  I did have a few questions for him, wonder if he knew?  Most pertinent was: why didn't you remove that knackered kneecap?    But did manage to walk without crutch outside, a break through, it felt liberating,  but also felt nervous and the right leg got very tired. 

Looks like my niece has decided upon the above design... relief.   Also printed out the first two decals, BUT, my beef is that the website didn't state that the acrylic varnish was an essential part of the kit!   Dumb or what?   You need that it seems to 'fix' the ink,  so I had to go look for a can of the stuff.  Luckily found some in B&Q,  but was annoyed at website, they need to make it clear that the varnish is necessary.  So I should be able to make the first proper candle tomorrow using the decal. If it works I'll be chuffed as it will also mean I can make up my own advent candles, which I prefer to the calendars,  but which are not easy to find, well the nice ones.  

The day ended with a nice roast dinner, mum, to my surprise had managed to prepare the veg for me,  so we had roast chicken, with stuffing and veg,   just about saved the gravy!  Must have been okay as mum cleared her plate. 

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