Saturday, 24 September 2011

Mind, Body and a boosted spirit

Just had a rotten couple of days, nothing I can put my finger on,  no-one or no one thing responsible for my miserable mood,  it just landed on me.  

So today had to be different?   Well I had no choice,  I'd agreed to play my Djembe along with my drumming class at the Mind Body and Spirit fair,  so had to be up in good time to make myself presentable, and that does take a bit of time.   Alarm was set,   but no need of it as my own internal alarm went off before it.   I was a bit bleary eyed at 8 a.m.,   some breakfast,  cups of tea,  cigarette.... needs must.    Hit the shower,  and wash hair,  leave bathroom feeling slightly more human.   Now will hair behave itself?  Will I manage to blow dry it and the have a hot flush and end up with flat hair syndrome?   Keep fingers crossed...  hair looks half good,  bit of work with tongs...   before and after  hot flush - knew it would raise its ugly head.   Slap on some make up, yep that is a definite improvement.   Now just need mother to get her act together,  have to get her organised so I can leave flat.    Feel a sense of rising anger,  mum is being slow, not her fault so trying not to blame her or hurry her up...  patience exhausted.   Off to MBS fair,  Mind Body and Spirit, for those that don't know,  holistic/new age stuff... my thing.    Meet up with drumming buddies,  we're all relieved to see one another,  think we all presumed we'd all bottle out of it.   We all hope to have a quick practice before our performance,  that was the plan... fat chance,  Kevin is late joining us, and he is the only one who knows all the patterns - oooer,  it has started!   Yikes,  hear pattern and I'm off.... phew.   Only stuff up on one pattern,  that was cos I got all tense for some daft reason,  relaxed again and managed the rest.  Audience loved it.   Wish to be handed a large drink....   just get water - sigh. 

My ordeal isn't over yet, I've been fernangled into taking part in a psychic art workshop talk.  Why do I agree to these things?    But I have, and supplied paintings,  think I'll just be a side show,  paintings will be background material.  How wrong can you be?   I end up centre of attention,  not what I wanted.... want to find escape route out of room,  damn why didn't I sit closer to the door?    So I am stuck,  but I eventually realise I am amongst like minded folk and it is okay.   Sense of relief is enormous.   They were all looking at my paintings, such as they are, from the pyschic art workshop, and seeing stuff that I hadn't seen.  All very interesting.    By now it was after 3pm,  and I suddenly felt very tired.  My plan had been to have another wander round all the stalls, but felt too tired and in need of a nice, home made cuppa.   So that was me - plus knee was objecting big time,  wasn't using crutch so my right and knackered knee was very sore by this time.  Think I may have expected a bit too much from it.   So home it was, to a much needed cuppa.  And to examine purchases,  a gorgeous silver Angel,  an Owl bookmark,  and a Mandalas project kit...  I shall explain over the week what that is, hopefully with the results.  

All in all a good day,  tiring,  but hugely enjoyable. 

Thanks for stopping by folks,  enjoy your weekend and take good care

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kokoclowie said...

I'm glad it turned out good in the end Cass, I have days like these (minus the flushes . . . so far . . . )

Hugs to you