Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Here we go again...  2013 is up and running.

So to start off this is a picture of a new piece of frantage,  with the Arc de Triomphe stamped into it.   I melted the UTEE onto some card very thickly, then added the frantage powders,   melted them and then stamped into it.   Now I need to make a suitable background for it.

In the meantime I am getting on with my journal. A friend on an FB group posted a 'vision' statement,  it represented all she wished to happen in 2013, quite a few of us were very impressed and have adopted the idea.

 This is the start of mine,  used the French themed tag as the base,  then stamped some tickets, and the car which was embossed then I used a black pen to highlight some areas.  There is lots of stamping on the page as well, but I was frayed burlap so it isn't showing up. This will be a two page, or 3 page spread,   just now gathering ideas for the other pages which I hope I can put together tomorrow.

It's been something of a busy day today,  mum hasn't been very well,  so I found myself helping her to get a shower and getting dressed.   She's pretty much slept all day.  My sister came over for the weekend and there has been a lot going on so think it all caught up with mum today.  Of course this is what the family never see,  pity as they may then just reign back on their inane plans.  The latest has been  to give mum one of those electric scooters - no discussion, they just arrived with it.

I do marvel at their ability to sidestep both me and mum and just attempt to foist anything on us.  I got so angry with the electric scooter farce (that it had been crammed into the bin shed, so the recycling boxes were inaccessible) yesterday that I took myself off for a drive before I lost my temper.   I was happy to see the back of them all,  then I learned from mum that they'd decided she would be better off in sheltered accommodation, which left her very upset,  and then said that we didn't need our small garden so it could be given over to storing this blessed scooter!  The garden is staying put as I enjoy pottering around in it, and mum also enjoys it,  and our neighbour always contributes a few bedding plants.

So it wasn't a very happy end to 2012.   Well it was as they all went  home. 

Last pic,  not sure what this is going to be,  it is a bit of everything at the moment,  just used all my new stuff!   Still need more U mount for the stamps, and crackle glazes...  and... it never stops!  LOL.

Here is to a better and drier 2013...  I mean it can't keep on raining can it?

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Cazzy said...

Happy New Year Cass, had a senior moment and couldn't remember the name of your blog or find it in the list but I knew it was in my sidebar somewhere! Like the frantage piece, I don't have any frantage powders (yet).
Families, what can you do? Well yours are a flippin nightmare, makes mine pale into insignificance!

Let us hope that 2013 brings us less stress and pain and more joy and creativity!

Cazzy x