Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A bit stuffed...

Full of pancakes and I only had two,  mind you they were thick and perhaps I overdid it with the maple syrup and cream...  !

I've had a frustrating few days trying to paint a new Mandala.  I realised that my problem was the cheap paints I was using,  so decided to invest in something a bit better.  Popped up to the Range as they do have a good art section.  In spite of the vast array of water colours, acrylics and oils what did I get...  good old poster paint!  Not the stuff for the children, but something with a bit more welly to it.
And as you can see the colours are lovely and bright.  I chose to get a selection of orange, red and yellow,  next time I'll go for blues and so on and so forth. 

Since I wasn't getting far with the painting bit I did some designing.   To reiterate the two main rules, a Mandala must be round and symmetrical in design.    I think I went a bit mad with this one, but I'm looking forward to painting it.

I'm using a pair of compasses, and finally the old skills are coming back.    I also picked up a paper pad for acrylics at the Range. 

I've also been busy adding to the storage. Picked up these two small sets of drawers in the Pound shop, was  hoping the embossing powders would fit, but they didn't.  But all my other bits and bobs, like the dies, rubber, pencils, die cuts all fit nicely.   I can feel a big declutter coming soon! Watch this space...  so to speak.

I'm also in the middle of a birthday card, so can't post any pics of it here - yet!   You'll just have to wait BJ!   Just needs a few finishing touches and it shall be on its way to you. 

Haven't yet got round to joining in the Whats on your desk...  but here is what is on my desk tonight.  The nearly finished Mandala,  plus paints,  mixing tray and brushes.    I have now become a convert to the glass cutting mat, it doesn't warp,  so you can heat emboss on it, you can mix paints on it,  or your inks... it is flat so you can stamp on it.  Paper and card do move around on it, but you compensate, besides I tend to use the paper cutter,  my Fiskars, which has served me very well.

Not a bad day today, even managed to prise mum out of the flat!   Quite a feat as she's not been out for four weeks.  I'd deliberately made a  hair appointment for her,  even though her hair was a mess she still huffed and puffed about having to go!   You'd have thought it was a hardship,  I told her that she needed to get out,  so she went and then met up with some friends for lunch.  She did enjoy herself,  but it is worrying that she is now reluctant to go out.   The district nurses are once again in charge of the dressings!    That suits me, one less task.   Monday mornings are the worst,  well it is laundry day,  don't ask me why but it is...  and mum wants a shower,  plus we usually need some shopping.   No wonder I had a lie in over the weekend. 

Not sure about any challenges this week,  maybe I don't wish to be 'challenged'?   Although I do have an idea for the ABAC which ends this weekend.  We'll see,  but now I need a cuppa.

Many thanks for stopping by.

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