Wednesday, 27 February 2013

From the heart!

My flitter glue and flake kit arrived today,  sadly only had chance for a very short play.  It has been a very busy day,  the sun was shining so it seemed a shame to stay indoors.   I went to the library to get mum some books, she is in a reading mood.   I chose a different route so as to avoid the main road,  and instead came across several police cars, and officers near the railway line. One of them asked me to walk on the other side of the road, which isn't a good idea as there is no pavement, when I asked why he said there was a body on the railway line.  This was about 10.30 a.m.   I've seen plenty of gory sights from my ambulance days,  I told the officer I'd be okay,  and I am not a gawper.   I have no idea if it was an accident, someone crossing the line, as they sometimes do, or someone committing suicide.   Not a great start to my day to hear sad news.  

There were lots of dog walkers out, my route took me near to the fields and canal, a popular place for the dog walkers.  They are such a cheery lot, so I got lots of smiles and 'good mornings'.  Then a bit further down I spotted a large ginger cat sunning itself on top of a car!   It was happy to be fussed over.  Think I overdid the walk as my back and knee were both sore by the time I made it home,  I noticed that the railway line was still closed.   I made lunch, then had to take mum to the hairdresser, she was moaning again about having to disturb herself!   I was taking her, she would only have to walk a few yards from car to hairdresser,  a real hardship - I think not!  Then it was off to supermarket for a quick shop,  home to do some vacuuming, which didn't help the back!   Prepped dinner,  while waiting for call from mum,  she wasn't ready till 5pm.  Picked her up, cooked dinner and finally flopped into a comfy seat. 

I squeezed in a quick play with my new stash.  For a change I followed the instructions.  But it was easy peasy, and yep the results, as you can see are amazing.  I stamped the image,  then added the flakes,  then to finish it off I just used some DST.   I am really going to enjoy using this.  It opens up more uses for the gilding flakes,  I've already got a few boxes of them.  I'm also planning mum's mothers day card,  I was busy die cutting yesterday, and experimenting.   But it will now have to wait till next week, as on Friday I'll be heading off to the Lake District for a much needed break.

I've now got a SatNav.  Spotted a review in the weekend papers,  and saw one at half price at Argos, so after reading a few more reviews I reserved it.  Only hitch was that I had to go to Ormskirk to get it.  Ormskirk is a lovely place but it has a nightmarish one way system,  and of course I missed my turning so had to go all the way round the town to get back to where I wanted to be.  So the SatNav is charged and all set to go.  I'll still plan my route, and print out the directions from Google maps, but the SatNav is my back up.    I've got another busy day tomorrow, mum has a hospital appointment, the last thing I need.   Roll on the weekend when I can relax properly.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, thanks for stopping by.

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