Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sunny Saturday

Woke up at 4 a.m.,   for mum's nightly ritual of tea and toast,  tossed and turned till 6 a.m.,  felt that was a civilised time to have some porridge and a painkiller...  also switched central heating on - it was freezing.   Drifted back to sleep till just after nine...  peeped through the curtain, blue sky, sun?   

The sunshine had put everyone in a good mood.  My short walk to the paper shop was a delight, everyone saying good morning, smiling,  staff in shop looking far happier! 

Then I walked through to our high street, needed a prescription,  and other bits and pieces.  There was a rather cool breeze, but other than that the weather was fine.  Lovely to feel the sunshine on my face, and to get some fresh air,  just my knee complaining about the walking bit!   When I got home, around 1ish, Mum was just finishing getting dressed, she had mentioned about going to meet some friends for coffee.   An hour later she was still thinking about it,  by the time she'd decided it was too late to go.  I can only give so much encouragement, after which I usually get my head bitten off.  I retreated to my craft desk.

I'd cut the butterflies, organised the background, lots of dylusions and stamping, then watering down till I got what I wanted.   I messed around with the layout,  I'd dismantled a picture which had the Angel on it,  and took the heart off another (they all get recycled after a while) and ended up with this arrangement, which I rather liked.  It fitted well with the sentiment.  This is for a friend whose dad has just been diagnosed with cancer. She'd called me earlier to say that her dad was looking much better, and had asked to go out, it was good news as only days earlier he had been mostly sleeping.

So sunshine, Angels and butterflies, and some good news all makes for a happier day.  Pity my mum can't dig herself out of her self pity.  So many people, myself included, have tried to help her but she just doesn't want to know, she just wants to wallow.  I even accused of that, and she agreed, so there isn't much you can do - is there?  She just wants to feel sorry for herself.  I got a little angry with her tonight, she asked me if I'd make her a cup of tea as her leg was really sore, that was okay, so I did that, then started to clear away the dishes - she then said to leave them as she'd do them!  Now either her leg is too sore to stand or it isn't...   After realising it was too late for her to venture out she said she'd read her book...  she fell alseep,  book on lap...  she moaned about there being nothing on TV to watch tonight,  we found a few things and... yep she is fast asleep, she can even fall asleep while eating.  This is just my frustration coming out.  

But the crafting was enjoyable.  Started a Tim Holtz tag,  popped over to see what his new tag was for February, then began the one for January.   Watched some CnC today,  not keen on the Paperstash thing,  but then I'm no longer keen on card kits anymore.   One demonstrator got all confused, it was actually nice to see that they can also get things wrong!    Guess it must be their nightmare, to have it all go pear shaped.   I see they got the award for best craft channel, not hard when they are the only one,  think QVC has just about given up on craft, which is odd since it did so well out of us crafters.  

Not sure what will be on the craft desk tomorrow,  maybe the new challenges will challenge me? 

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