Thursday, 7 February 2013

And now for something completely different!

I just felt like painting  and decided to have a bash at making a mandala.   Best explain what a Mandala is,  it is a sanskrit word and means 'circle' and is used for spiritual and religous purposes  in Hinduism.   They must be round and must have a symmetrical pattern,  you can make them from anything, sand, paint, material... 

I had no protractor, so a plate made the circle, then I used what shapes I had to hand to make a pattern.   I was using some pretty rubbish brushes, and I mean RUBBISH!   Even so I didn't think it was a half bad job for a first attempt.   I found it very calming, which is the idea.  Just google Mandala and see be prepared to see some amazing designs.

A good/bad week.  The good stuff,  checked some old lotto tickets and they were winners, just a tenner on each, but it all helps.   Sorted out my crystals, cleansed them and recharged them, then I set them out using a crystal grid.  Last night I lit some candles and it all looked very pretty,  I also lit some Lotus incense,  it has a very soft fragrance. 

I even managed the housework!   It wasn't the plan for yesterday as it was such a nice day I had ideas for a walk, but...   mum has developed cellulitis.  At first I thought she'd just bumped herself, but on closer inspection I could see how inflamed the skin was, it was also weeping.  So had to call the district nurses and arrange for them to call.  So that ended my plans for Wednesday,  since I was stuck in I got the housework out of the way.   The nurses came and confirmed my diagnosis,  oh they are aware of my ambulance service background.   They dressed her legs,  then I needed to get in touch with the GP for more antibiotics,  mum wouldn't attend the surgery so had no choice but to ask if the doctor would come to her.  The surgery is a five minute walk away, or a two minute drive door to door,  so I need to find out why mum is now so reluctant to go outside.    Of course mum is being blase,  until I tell her that cellulitis can be serious if not taken seriously.   The nurses also told her the same thing, to drink more fluids and to raise her legs. 

So today it was the turn of the GP.  I knew that she wouldn't be here till at least lunchtime, so took the opportunity to go out for a couple of hours.  Just to the local shopping precinct, wanted the new Stamper magazine,  oh and some new slippers.  Bumped into an old colleague in M&S, so we had a nice natter,  she's worrying about her job as they are about to close most of the libraries.  Funny I don't miss my old job, in fact in many ways I'm glad I am out of it, my old manager is just causing misery and driving all my old colleagues nuts.  Then there is the uncertainty of the job, what is this government doing to this country?    I am so appalled by what is happening.  I also had an appointment with the GP this week,  my thumbs and wrists have become really painful,  I've already tried one NSIAD, diclofenic, which simply doesn't agree with me, so I need something else, there is stuff available but of course the GPs are now cost cutting,    so are they expecting me to put up with the increasing pain and stiffness?   If it gets worse then I will have to get in help for mum, which will cost them a damn sight more.   In the meantime we are giving billions away to corrupt regimes all over the world.  Grrrrr - was going to say don't get me started, but I kind of did that myself! 

Will be back crafting or painting tomorrow,  though if it is painting then I need some half decent brushes. 

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Hi Cassidy, I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award, have a look at my blog today to see what it is all about. BJ