Thursday, 28 February 2013

Give me....

STRENGTH and a huge dollop of fresh patience!   I'am so looking forward to my break this weekend.  Today I nearly came to the end of my tether.   I've been on the go pretty much all week,  today was no different,  and we had the added pleasure of a hospital appointment.  We got there early, but they are still building that blessed helipad, so two car parks are out of action resulting in absolute chaos.  I dopped mum at the clinic and then tried to find a parking space, I had no luck, every space was taken.   Managed to find a short (15 minute) stay space, so had to dash in and tell mum that I wasn't able to park, she said she'd be fine on her own, it was just her regular appointment, which is usually a total waste of time.  So feeling reassured that she was okay and happy to get a taxi back home I left.  It is a horrible winding journey to the hospital, every road is busy, and at rush hour...  it is absolute murder. 

So at 4pm I get a phone call from the hospital, mum is ready to come home,  I mention that she was getting a cab,  the receptionist said it would be better if I picked mum up, hinting that mum was upset, but also in earshot.  So I imagine the worse, that she's been told she needs a  major op or something and head off,  by this time the rush hour traffic is building, so it is a nightmare journey.  I get to hospital,  and find mum, sitting quite happily with a cup of tea!   She was in a hospital wheelchair, but had her walker, first thing she tells me is that she is desperate for a cigarette,  all she had to do was walk ten yards and she would have been outside.   There is no drama,  she is not upset,  no bad news...   so why couldn't have got a cab home?   I could feel my patience ready to snap, she then asks if I minded having to come pick her up, no mum, not with petrol at £1.37,  being caught in rush hour traffic, which I know will be even worse on way the way back and it is.   I have mum moaning about having to hang round all afternoon,  do I mention the pile of ironing I've done, the housework,  making sure she has everything for the weekend, that I've left instructions for my sister?  We get home,  by now it is nearly 5.30,  so I need to start dinner,  she needs a cup of tea... run round like an idiot for half an hour while mum gets over her exhausting afternoon of being pushed round by nurses.  She doesn't want to eat at the table, okay,  but she is also too tired to come get her dinner...  I'm beginning to feel like a boomerang.

Finally I've been able to sit down and relax,  now have a large glass of red,  and up yours all the health nutters who want us to stop drinking, smoking, eating fast food etc etc...   My glass is full... and it's a very nice cabernet sauvignon! 

And no crafting, not even time for more playing with my new stash.   Roll on tomorrow,  and I'll be heading for the Lakes for 48 hours of bliss.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, what a terrible day, Cassidy. Nothing quite like getting the runaround. Although, I have to say, your mum sounds like quite a character! Hope you have a wonderful time in the Lakes. Friends of mine have just had three days there, came home yesterday, and they tell me it was wall-to-wall sunshine :) Here's a hug to go with your glass of wine. Elizabeth xx