Saturday, 16 February 2013

From snow to sun!

Only in the UK can the weather turn in an instant.  On Wednesday I was watching the snow come down,  which then turned to icy rain,  then it became rain, the snow went... and on Thursday the sun found its way through the clouds!  I was tempted out for a walk by the blue sky and sunshine,  sooo nice to be in the crisp fresh air.  i went to the library, mum is reading again - she goes through phases.  I bought her two books at Christmas which just lay unread, then last week she picked one of them up and raced her way through it.  The only mandate is to get her an easy read.   So I got her 3 books,  they should last her a week or so. 

I returned to my Mandala, just to put the finishing touches to it.  I love these earthy colours, they are also the colours of the first 3 chakras, red, orange and yellow, root, sacral and solar plexus to be precise.  I didn't consciously choose the colours for their meaning, I just wanted something bright and vibrant.  A friend did a reading from the Mandala,  which I found very gratifying and true.   I have also now got my Mandala work book, it is so interesting,  I will enjoy working my way through it. 

There were other crafty projects on the go, such as a birthday card.   I completely changed my mind on this.  At first I intended it to be butterflies,  and then I remembered my Owl stamps, and I knew BJ had just got the same set of stamps.  They are delightful,  and easy to use, you get nice crisp images every time.  I've been stamping them on patterned paper and doing some decoupage.  For this I embossed some white card using my brick wall folder,  before embossing I stamped on it and inked it, and did some crackle stamping.  Then I stamped and cut out the tiny flowers - very fiddly, but worth it.  I added some ribbon, found an old Happy Birthday wooden stamp, and that was that!   Haven't made a card since Christmas, so it made a nice change. 

Just been blog hopping,  seeing what the new challenges are, one is for something colourful...  think my Mandala fits the bill!   Not managed any this week,  I got carried away with all the painting.  Even today I was at it again.  I've had my 'pay day' so I can treat myself to more poster paints, the nice ones. 

Today was another sunny day, I managed a nice lie in.  After I'd dragged myself out of bed I had another walk,  just to the high street to get mum's prescription and a few other bits.  On my walk back home I met a very friendly moggy who wanted to be fussed over,  I am hankering after getting another cat,  not sure mum would be that happy to have a kitten running around.  My last cat, Ms Mufti arrived in an unexpected way, but her timing was spot on, so I am sure when the time is right the next feline that is meant to enter my life will do so. 

Not sure what is on the agenda tomorrow,  I bought a small frame to decorate,  have a Mandala on the go,  so will see what the day brings.   CnC have amused me with their spellbinder blockbuster,  it is just too big, who could afford it?   Obviously some people can, but I doubt that they are inundated with orders.   The new dies are nice,  but they are out of my price range, even with the flexi pay. 

Enjoy what is left of the weekend...  thank you for stopping by

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