Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Getting Messy

Take a plate of shaving foam, add dylusions and... get messy!   Well a challenge I've entered means I have to use this technique, so decided to have a not so dry run today. 

The twisted ankle is doing nicely,  now it is green, blue, black and purple,  back and front of foot!   I got some tubi grip for it  yesterday, and a wrist support for my sore wrist.  Hobbling nicely,  outside I'm using two crutches,  need to take the weight off the ankle.   Managing to catch up on some sleep at last,  didn't wake up till almost 9 a.m., this morning, which is a lie in for me.   At least I was greeted by blue sky and sunshine.

So after mixing the shaving foam and colours I dipped in the card.   Nice, I like it!  I want to try the alcohol inks tomorrow.  I also started a project, but the light was fading so couldn't take any photos, will do tomorrow. 

Think my mind is still back in the Lakes at the moment,  wish I could press rewind!  It all seemed to go too quickly.    Have now got loads of pics from the others,  always nice to have.  And have downloaded a few digi kits from Daisytrail

I did this yesterday in my art journal,  a bit of watercolour work, and a stream of consciousness above it.  I was trying to capture the view we had from the cottage.  I rather enjoyed it,  must have another go. 

Mum is now being less needy, mind you she has no choice as I am pretty much out of action.  She had her shower today, but I couldn't help her much, but she managed.  She even admitted later that maybe she had been letting me do a bit too much for her!   I do though miss our old neighbour Maureen, she was such a rock when I broke my knee and wrist, I so wish she was still here,   she was always so cheerful and saw things in a positive light.    Though I think Fortune is smiling on me as I had an email from Mr Tesco, offering me £12 off the next online shop!  Brilliant timing... the order will be going in tomorrow.

I'm an expert at balancing on one leg while cooking, or doing anything.  But my poor left leg is starting to feel the pressure,  it is really sore at the moment,  I don't need it to let me down. 

More tomorrow, and hopefully a new creation!  Thanks for stopping by

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, guess what I've been doing this evening :) Like your colour mix and the marbling is beautiful. I thought about trying alcohol inks too but wasn't sure it would work - will try tomorrow. Glad to hear that you are getting more sleep - and that your mum is managing well too. It sounds like an ill wind has done you some good. Elizabeth xx