Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A break from the usual...

I've never really done this, using a stamp to make patterns,  I've seen Barbara Grays creations and been envious.   So after a not so good morning I decided to just sit down and do some stamping, rather than try to make something.

For this I used the leaf stamp from the Get Stamping set of stamps.   I found this piece of card,  it is actually meant for painting, but what else is scrap for?  To find the middle I drew a line from corner to corner, then began making a pattern, just did what I fancied rather than work to a plan.   I guess I could make a really nice set of tiles if I had the patience!

Here's another using a flourish stamp,  it just seemed to lend itself to pattern making.  I wasn't sure whether to colour them or not,  but since these are just samples I decided to get the promarkers out.  I've put these two in my art journal.

Today wasn't a good day,  just like yesterday when I started this blog post!  Mum wasn't very well today so I had to cancel my plans, the first was to visit the walk in centre to have my foot checked, then to have coffee with a friend.   The foot does need to be checked the bruising is still there,  and it is also still very swollen after nearly ten days.   Mum did perk up in late afternoon and she's had some food.

Made this pattern today,  I cut a piece of card into a square, did my usual thing of drawing a line from corner to corner, then drew a circle.  This time I put more thought into what I wanted to create. These are still experiments, but it is so relaxing.

This one is my favourite,  I was a bit heavy with the flourish stamp,  kept forgetting it is a softer stamp!   I'd like to do this with the gilding flakes, just think it would look really good on black card with silver or gold flakes.  Not got any black card, note to self - get some!

Monday was also a disappointing day.  I had hoped my niece would take the electric scooter back with her to Cardiff.  I asked her and got an odd reaction, she seemed unsure,  her husband said yes, she said that they couldn't as they didn't have any room in the car.  They have an estate car,  they'd only been away for the weekend, so I didn't buy the excuse.   Then she said that mum would be using it,  to which mum said that she wouldn't, at least not unaccompanied,  my niece then said I escort mum, er only one, or rather a couple of snags, I can't get the scooter out from the shed, or assemble it - which she knows, in fact she can't lift it either, but she expects I can with a gammy knee and back.  So the damn thing is still here.

I'm hoping mum will be okay tomorrow so I can go to the walk in centre,  I also fancy going to the marina to feed the ducks and swans, need something to cheer me up.

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BJ said...

Love these patterns Cassidy. BJ