Sunday, 10 March 2013

Foxy stamps

Here is the stamps from Get Stamping,  I love the fox, he is so cute. There are two frames as well,  and the chevron is easy to line up.  They are good, solid stamps.

Mum was delighted with her card and the verse I had found, and the book I'd bought her,  which is the new one by Judy Finnegan.  She has been pampered all day,  now I'm having a rest!  I think there should be a Carer's Day!

So here is what I made with the new stamps, I didn't want to leave any of them out, but in the end I went with the fox and the sentiment.  As you can see I stamped the fox cub 3 times,  I heat embossed the first, then used gilding flakes on the other two, then added some small beads for their noses and eyes.  I used some promarkers on their eyes and tails,  didn't like the true white,  the background was embossed and inked, some flowers added and a bow.  Now I'll move on to the other stamps, the tree is really nice,  lends itself to all sorts of stamping, including backgrounds, as does the chevron.  This is just for me, in fact it is now in my art journal.   I did enter Hels challenge,  always lovely to put something on her blog.

Today was also paperwork day!  Really needed to knuckle down and get stuff done.  So lots to go into the shredder, but also stuff ready to be posted, phew.

Here's my art journal, on the second page, along with another favourite quote.  I used the gilden heart and the frame from the foxy stamps, plus the trees, just felt like stamping them on there. I may though start using the blending tool to add the glue for the gilding flakes, using the pads means you get sticky fingers, which then end up with flakes all over them.   It does take a few goes to get the hang of it,  for a start you don't use the acrylic block, but literally 'kiss' the paper with the stamp.

And  I had to include a close up of the sentiment,  just fun and  happy words.

Nice also to have Julia back,  I've been missing her amazing creations.  Good to have you back, hope all those bugs have now gone.

I'm now getting caught up in Dancing on Ice, I would love to see Beth Tweddle win, she has been an amazing skater.

Not sure what is on the cards for tomorrow,  my niece is supposed to be calling in on her way back from Scotland,  she'll be travelling from one end of the country to the other as her home is in Cardiff.  The forecast isn't very good, so I'm not sure if she will have time to call in.  Now for one final photo, and is has nothing to do with crafting.

Not attractive, it is our bin shed, and this is how my brother in law left it, the recycling stuff piled on top of that damn scooter,  I can't access anything in the shed itself, let alone untangle the recycling boxes.  And he thought this was okay?!  I could clock him.  Mum won't use the scooter unacommpanied,  but there is no way I can get it out of the shed,  or assemble it, or then lift it onto the pavement!  The man is just stupid and pig headed, this was his idea, so he is determined it will work, it takes him nearly 15 minutes to get the scooter in and out of the shed,  he has an estate car so it will fit into his boot, it won't fit into the Micra.  If it weren't for my twisted/sprained ankle that ruddy scooter would be laying out in the road.   If my niece does call in tomorrow it will be going back with her to Cardiff.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend,  stay warm it is going to get very cold this week!


Julia S-W said...

Love what you've done with the stamps Cass. I really like the block of words and the chevron stamps. They would make good inky backgrounds used with the distress inks. The fox isn't my usual style but I like the gilded ones and they're a good shape for cutting out. The tree, as you rightly say, looks very useful and could also be used as a background or focal point.
Men can be so thoughtless can't they. I'm sorry you've been left in such a position. Please don't try and move it all will you? You cannot afford to hurt something else. Nice that you gave your Mum a pampered day - I'm sure she appreciated it in her own way.
Have a good week and I'll catch up with you soon.
Hugs, Juliaxx

BJ said...

Cool stamps, love your foxy piece. BJ

kokoclowie said...

I'm determined to find that magazine now having seen the stamps. Love Mr Fox and the sentiment - always on the look out for a nice block of words like this.

Brothers and sisters can sometimes be the bane of our lives. Hope your neice makes the visit
Karen xxx