Friday, 22 March 2013

The white stuff!

What is all this fuss about the snow?    It has snowed in March before, it happens.   We've had a mix of rain, sleet and snow all day, with a bitter wind.  We'd due to get our deluge of snow around 11pm tonight.

I've been faffing most of the week.  Making stuff then rejecting it,  liking it but not thinking it is quite right for whom it is intended... if that makes sense! I've not been helped by a very sore and creaky back,  not sure what I did, but it has been very sore all week. I have got a slipped disc, I suspect that a bit more has slipped! 

This was what I managed on Monday and Tuesday, crafting limited to how long I could sit comfortably.  This has a shaving foam background,  embossed and buf and rub flower,  foxy, sentiment and a bit of border punching.

I like it, but think it will go in my journal.  This, see pic on right, is what I made today.  I used my spellbinders frame,  some die cut flowers in cornflower blue - found it after deciding to see what was lurking in the cupboard, and the flutterby.  It isn't quite finished yet.  Hopefully it will be tomorrow.

Had a very mixed week with the craft stuff.  I was going to tackle the stash and sort it out, but the bad back put paid to that idea, as did mum who hasn't been very well this week.

 And with my wonky back and sore foot everything has taken twice as long.  Of course today's weather hasn't helped.  I took notice of the forecast and got the shopping yesterday, a slow hobble around the supermarket,  getting everything we will need.   There was one twit, a man, dressed in T shirt and shorts, shivering - idiot.  Plus the usual array of families with unruly children,  what sane person lets a 5 year old push a trolley?   My mum refused to take us kids with her when she went shopping, she'd leave us with a neighbour so she could shop in peace. 

Oh back to the pic,  I used up some stuff I'd made but then decided not to use for a page in my journal.  After seeing it I liked it and have now decided to use it!  I stamped the flowers then gave them the UTEE treatment,  used the spray and shine on the leaves, a few coats.
This is another journal page,  again to use up stuff I'd cut/made.    The fox made another appearance, sorry but he is just so cute!   I just messed with some stamps on the page,  that is the fun of an art journal, you can just mess. 

Was watching CnC a bit this week,  got a tad sick of the spellbinders,  after them having that huge spellbinder POTW, they follow it with another.   Very nice,  but how many have the money to buy all this stuff?    Now Tonic are at it with a pricey POTW,   why can't CnC split it into 3 flexi payments?    They've also been getting rid of old stock, but I've not been tempted.   I'd like to see a Creative Expressions POTW, or Clarity.   I hear that Clarity are now sellling the Gelli plates,  be interesting to see what Barbara Gray does with it.  They have intrigued me but want to see them in action, so to speak.

More playing tomorrow, or should I tackle the stash?   The latter depends on mum, she takes so long to get going in the morning.  Today she was up at 9 a.m.,  but didn't get her shower till gone 11,  so the morning was gone by the time I'd helped her shower, washed her hair,  then sorted out some clean clothes for her, having found some that should have been put in the laundry basket!  It's infuriating,  as I'd like to do other stuff but can't till she is all done and dusted.  

I hope you are all safe and warm,  enjoy the weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

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