Sunday, 3 March 2013

And Relax.......

I'm back from my weekend away...   feel the calm!   It started well, as I approached the Lakes the weather improved, the sun came out and it was blue sky.   Then...   SatNav got confused, mind you so did I - and not with the SatNav, but with the silly exit from the M6.  After a quick look at map I spotted where I should be going and the SatNav caught up.  Me have blind faith in a SatNav... not on your nelly.   Had to laugh at the way the SatNav said 'recalculating' in a really fed up way!   Got to my destination, well SatNav said I was there,  but which bloody house was it?
I made it after a quick phone call,  enjoyed a nice cuppa and relaxed, a few minutes later the rest of the gang arrived and any hope of relaxation went out of the window.  This is what happens when you don't see friends for a few months, lots to catch up on.  The first photo was the view from the back door,  what would you give to wake up to a view like that every day?    Second pic is part of the 'complex' there are 3 cottages for hire,  ours was at the front, it being the biggest.  It was a very old cottage but had been lovingly restored,  no expense spared it seemed.   Comfy beds, lots of space...  a woodburner,  bliss.  Only downside to my stay was when I ventured outside in the dark, missed the last step and fell,  in trying not to do any more damage to my damaged knee I successfully twisted my ankle, and have a big bruise on my hip!   Just as well I am still using a crutch.   The ankle is nicely swollen and currently a black and blue colour

with a hint of green.  Hey ho. I think it was one of those 'meant to be' things,  mum has become very needy of late,  letting me do more for her when really she can do it herself.   So at the moment I am semi out of action,  meaning mum will have to do a bit more fending for herself, which is no bad thing.

We did lots of arty things at the weekend,  I did some sketching, but was missing my craft stuff!  I had been planning to take some bits but didn't.  But I can do that this week, since my sore ankle means  I won't be doing much else.   My sister, who was looking after mum sorted out the shopping, and cleaned the flat!

Now we just have to plan the next weekend!   Crafty stuff coming up in the week...  Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine, without the injury.

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Julia S-W said...

Poor you Cassidy! I'm sorry to hear your weekend was marred by such a horrible event. The place looks gorgeous though. I read the previous post to this too - what a day. I agree with you about the petrol: it's a disgusting price and our car guzzles the stuff. I could feel your exasperation from your words. . . .
Sorry I've been absent for so long. Trying to catch up with people now. I owe you an email (I know you want to hear all about my hospital stay - NOT!!)
Hugs to you, Juliaxxx