Thursday, 14 March 2013

More patterns

I decided to carry on with the patterns.  But first I paid a visit to the craft shop to spend a bit of birthday money,  top of the list was black card,  and adaptor plate, spellbinders and washi tape.  Oh should add that I succumbed to temptation and got a Grand Calibur from C&C,  it was too good a price to turn down.   I like the Bug but have wanted to go a bit bigger with the dies so it seemed the sensible option. 

Back to the patterns.  I cut a square of black mirri card,  drew my usual cross to get the centre point and to have some guidelines then used the leaf stamp with the flourish and added gilding flakes.

I was chuffed with the result, a few mistakes as I double stamped with the glue,  next time I will make sure I dab on glue before stamping to ensure the glue stays tacky enough.  Next came the perfect pearls,  had these for yonks and have barely used them.  This is just a piece of 8x8cm square card, used the leaf and then dusted with perfect pearls.  A few smudges, but practice makes perfect as they say!  With the glossy black card they do look very good even if I say so myself.  I did use an anti static bag, essential for any work on black mirri, or any mirri.  And limited handling to ensure no fingerprints.

I dug out a few more small stamps, and after a trial on smaller pieces of card I moved up to the A4 square.   After I'd finished the stamping I left it to dry then diluted some dylusions and did a paint wash.   Now I am wondering what other patterns I can create with these stamps!   I think I need a very indulgent afternoon of stamping.

Well my Grand Calibur is on its way to me, so it may be here by the weekend.   That would be nice as I can have a proper play with the new dies I bought yesterday, spellbinders - some of the new ones.   I used the bug to cut some of the smaller bits.    I had a nice lazy day today,  well it has been my birthday,  not done a lot, and cooked myself a nice roast dinner.  Mum is taking me out to lunch at the weekend.  I've got to make something special for a special person who is having a really hard time of things right now, no ideas as to what yet, but they will come.  Yep it has been a good day. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope all is well with you,  and take care.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, love your pattern making experiments - the results are terrific. I hope the postie does deliver your new GC before the weekend so you can spend some time playing with it :) Elizabeth xx