Friday, 15 March 2013

In with the new and out with the old

My Grand Calibur arrived today -  I'm impressed with the speed of delivery.   So what does any crafter do with a new toy - yep they play!   Since I was going to make a card for someone it was a great chance to put the GC through its paces.  I put all of this little lot through in one go,  that is 5 dies,  two spellbinders, and 3 marianne dies, so different makes and they all went through together and cut no probs,  the embossing was also a doddle.  Curiously I found the handle on the GC easy to turn, could be because it is bigger,  I'm having a bit of trouble gripping stuff.   Also tried out the CB embossing folders,  using the adaptor plate,  no problems with that.  Only one issue, the tan mat is incredibly 'sticky',  could be just cos it is new, but that is very minor.  No need for shims as yet. 

Of course CnC would have to have another spellbinders pick of the week.  Some lovely dies,  but my spending is over for this month.  I've still got a bit of birthday money left but I'm waiting for my craft shop to get some new goodies, which should be soon.

It's been an odd day,  slept well,  but no sunshine today!   Mum had a lie in,  but then I had to talk her into getting a shower and washing her hair.  She is neglecting herself,  she thinks it doesn't matter anymore how she looks.  I finally persuaded her to do as I asked and of course she felt much better,  I put the plug into the bath so she could soak her feet as well.   Also took the chance to grab the washing that she leaves in her room, she forgets that it needs washing, so before she could object it was in the washing machine.  It's sad to see this decline,  mum always looked after her appearance,  now she just doesn't seem to care.  By the time I'd helped mum my foot was really sore, so I abandoned the idea of the supermarket shop and fixed lunch instead.  Then right on time, just when I needed a cheer up the GC arrived!   I really didn't fancy having to cut all the dies on the Bug individually, so I was saved that task.  I've worked out that I've had four die cutting machines,  the Big Shot,  never liked it, found it too cumbersome, then an electronic cutter, not going to mention the name as it was a pain in the butt to use - it seemed to have a mind of its own and never made my life easier!  After that it was the Bug,  okay, did what it said it would,  but still didn't feel happy,  just got sick of needing to faff with shims, and now the GC, will it be the last, I hope so.  It certainly did what it promised to do today,  I do like that the plates say what they are for, cutting plate, base plate,  necessary for us thicko crafters.   I will need to rethink the storage in the craft desk,  as the Bug did fit nicely inside, the GC won't, but it is about time I had a tidy up!  Did I just say that?  

Anyway off now for a cuppa,  enjoy the weekend, and thankyou for stopping by, it is much appreciated.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, I'm so pleased your GC arrived today, just in time for the weekend, and that you are so pleased with it. I can see it does save a lot of time being able to cut so many dies all at one go but I'll be sticking with my CB for the time being. I heard the stickiness of the tan mat being discussed recently on C&C and someone suggested simply giving it a bit of a wash - might be worth a try. It sounds like you are doing a great job with your mum and I bet she felt all the better for having that shower. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx

Julia S-W said...

Those die cuts are really crisp and beautifully embossed - no wonder you're pleased with the new toy!
Well done with your Mum - just what she needed really. I do think it's sad that she has come to the conclusion she doesn't have to bother anymore but I suspect it's about the effort, remembering to do it all too isn't it?
Try to have some more play time with your new toy - you deserve it.
Sorry if I missed your birthday.
Hugs, Juliaxx

Anonymous said...
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Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Beautiful die cut card. I wish you many happy hours playing with your GC. I'm sticking to my CB for the time being, cuz I LOVE it.

Nipped over to see you from Elizabeth's blog. xxx