Sunday, 1 December 2013

Nice way to spend an afternoon

Well yesterday I stocked up on some glass paints and brushes.  I'd spotted a 25% off voucher for Hobbycraft, so with voucher in hand I hot-footed it to the shop.  I got four paints, blue, purple, turquoise, green,  oops five, and white, plus a relief outliner,  plus brushes. 

My first discovery was what a difference using the better relief outliner made,  it went on so much easier.    I chose a simple design,  didn't want anything too complex.  It was so hard to choose as there are hundreds out there!   I've picked out a few others for later projects, but I still intend to make my own.   I found an A5 piece of glass, which I thought would do nicely for my first attempt.  I spent yesterday afternoon getting the hang of the relief outliner, and came back to the project today. 

The outliner took about 20 or so minutes to be dry enough to start the painting. I'd checked on Youtube to see how to apply the paint, and was glad I'd got the proper brushes.  Part way through flood filling the first bit I realised my craft table has a slope...  not good for this sort of work.  So I moved it over to my computer desk.   I really got lost in the whole thing,  it was very relaxing.    I can say with total honesty this is one craft that has me hooked.  I love painting,  and I love glass, so here I have the perfect combo.   The paint is almost dry and I can't wait to see it in the daylight. 

I have ordered more relief outliner, but from ebay,  found a chap selling 3 tubes for the price of one.  I've also sourced some self adhesive lead strip,  which is also cheaper than on the craft sites. 

I've got another project to do,  just need the outliner, which won't be here till Tuesday.   The second project is a present for a friend,  Xmas present, apart from one gift all the rest have been handmade.  I've only got one more bracelet to make.  I hope to make more at some point, when I've got some money.

I've got stuff to do, like made some ATCs and a few cards, so I can get on with them tomorrow.  On Tuesday it will be back to the glass painting.   I guess I'd also better think about the Christmas decs.  A few people round here have had them up for weeks, which I think is just ridiculous.  The staff in the corner shop have protested at having to listen to Christmas music, so have the customers, so a happy medium has been reached. 

That's all for now.  I've just seen the forecast for this week, best get out the winter woollies as it will be freezing at the end of the week!   Stay warm

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