Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A bit of this and a bit of that...

It was time to finish off the tin.  With everything nice and dry it was time to add some colour to the top.   I used a versamark pad to make the top nice and sticky for the embossing powder, or rather: powders.   I used a mix of normal powder, cosmic shimmer and frantage.  I had to give it a couple of coats as well,  but finally I was happy.

The owl has been sitting on my desk for ages. I gave him a couple of coats of TH distress stain, bronze,  which hasn't shown up at all on the pic. I plan to put some words next to him.

The bottom got a second coat of paint, and was finished off with rub and buff.  I've only used one layer of tissue paper, so the lid and bottom still do fit together. 

With the outside all finished I can turn my attention to the inside now.  I need to choose a few quotes, papers and other assorted items!

Yesteray afternoon I went to a therapuetic writing workshop.  It was a first for me, I've attended writing workshops, but never one like this, so I didn't know what to expect. I needn't have worried, it was very gentle, and very interesting.  I was also thankful that the room we were using was warm, last time it was bloody freezing!   I'd gone prepared and wore a few layers.  We did about four exercises,  first we had to choose a card and say write down why we'd chosen it, what had drawn it to us etc.  Next came an exercise on our names, that was the most interesting.  Our tutor read out a poem,  then asked for comments,  I told her how my brother refuses to call me by my preferred name,   I think he is being disrespectful, and a hypocrite.  His son was Christened Benjamen,  but he let it be known that his son would be called 'Ben',  but he won't call me Maggie.  Everyone agreed with me,  and a couple had had a similar experience.  We also discussed how we were often known by different names, or a variation of our name by others and how we acted.   I think we all realised how personal our name is,  and what we wish to be called.   The last two exercises we had some fun, which was a nice way to end.

I did watch Corrie last night, and cried.  The whole storyline has been well written and beautifully acted, there have been some touching scenes with Roy and Haley, together and apart.    It also affected me in another way,  making me think about my mum and how she'd come to hate her life, or rather her existence.  We have no right to judge others in what they consider to be a fulfilling life, one that is worth getting up for every morning.   For my mum that meant being independent, being able to get out every day,  either to potter round the shops or to see her friends.   Sadly she lost the first after the operation, but she still had her friends, and some desire to get out.  Then two of her friends died, and with it so did my mum's desire to live.  

Update on PIP - yes it is still going on!   ATOS forwarded my paperwork to the DWP before Christmas,  the DWP only acknowledged that they had it two weeks ago...  and still no decision.  Funny I was told it was ATOS that decided, then the DWP worked out what you are entitled to, if anything... seems no-one wants to pay this benefit to anyone.

Well all for today,  hopefully maybe back tomorrow with more pics from the tin!

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