Friday, 31 January 2014

Crafting again

At last I can get back to my crafting.  I spent a few days with a friend down South.  I had a lovely time and was spoilt rotten,  but it is still nice to be home.   So no crafting at all until today.  My friend is behind the inspiration for this box.  She had spotted some lovely papers in Lidl a while ago and got them for me.  They are just gorgeous, I must take a  photo of them.  They're natural papers and will be kept for special projects.   So to this project.

I've had this box for a while, it was plain brown, very boring brown...  so I gave it a couple of coats of gesso.
Then applied a coat of red to the outside, and black to the inside.   Next came the drying time, so made myself a cuppa and selected a paper for the top.  The reveal will be tomorrow as the glue is now drying, and the cracked paint effect is developing nicely. 

So I'd best tell you about my mini break.  I drove down on Sunday when, of course, we had that storm, which I encountered on the M6.  At one point I couldn't see a thing, was down to 20 mph, and yet some idiots were still going at 70 mph.  I came close to turning back for home as the weather was so bad, but I ploughed on and it did improve.  I was very thankful to see signs for the town were my friend lives.   On arrival I was told to sit down and do nothing!    So my friend and her mum made a huge fuss of me all week.   I have to say it was nice to have someone offer to make me a cup of tea, and sharing a meal with others.  Mealtimes on your own is the pits. 
The highlight of my week came on Tuesday when I was taken to a Buddhist Temple in Woking.   There I enjoyed a wonderful and very relaxing meditation, it was just what I needed. Althought my back didn't like the hard chair!   Even so I managed 25 minutes of the mediation, only really missing the last 5 minutes.  We were asked to make a wish at the end of the blessing, so I asked for a quiet journey home, and guess what - yes my wish was granted.  I've never seen the motorways so quiet midweek.  I'm sure the weather is putting people off travelling unless they really have to.  On the way back I made sure NOT to order any tea at Costa,  as the one I had on my journey down was revolting.  Why do they think putting in scalding hot water is necessary?    When I stopped on the return journey I ordered a filter coffee,  asked for plenty of milk, but didn't get it, so I tipped about a third down the sink and filled it with milk, then it was drinkable.  Coffee shouldn't be made with scalding water - do they know this?  Bloody starbucks wanted to know my name...  grrrrrrrr.    That was my only moan.   Think I'll start a chain called Stop for a Cuppa, guaranteed to give you a damn good cup of tea which won't burn your mouth.     We had some nice lunches,  but as usual the portions were just too big, please can all restaurants start offering a choice in portion size?   I hate to think how much food is wasted in restaurants.   Oh the food was excellent.  The only bum note was the weather,  yes it rained, then it rained a bit more.... will it ever stop?  

So now back home.  I had my art therapy yesterday, felt a bit down, the rest of the group were cracking on with their silk painting and I was at the design stage. I  gave the class a miss last week as I really was having a bad day.  One of the tutors came and chatted to me about my absence, she just wanted to make sure I was okay.   I'm feeling better since I had the PIP decision, and now I have it in writing a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder.   My shingles appears to have been eczema,  well that is what the other doc reckons, so now I have some cream for it.  My BP was high,  had to have that done so I could get more HRT,  I put the high reading down to a panic attack I'd had earlier.  the doc checked my records and could see it was just a spike.

So tomorrow the box is to be finished, and I must complete my Mandala as it is needed for an exhibition!  It is just for the Art Therapy group,  the organisers like to put the work on display. 

Well stay dry and warm.  Thanks for stopping by

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