Monday, 13 January 2014

Sunny Monday

Monday again!   Actually it wasn't too bad today, lovely and sunny, cold, but dry thank goodness.  First port of call was the doctor about my blood tests, which has resulted in me needing more tests!   Seems my blood count is low and I'm anaemic, hey ho.  Since it was such a nice day I hobbled round to the high street,  I was okay on the journey there, but not so good coming back.   The nice doc gave me some gel for my arthritis.  But it was nice being out in the sunshine,  topped up the Vitamin D.

When I got back, after a trip down nostalgia road, watching The Waltons (it is my guilty pleasure), I finished off this piece.  Very simple as you can see, just need to neaten up the edges.  This one is for me.  My mandala picture is still being put together,  finished the main part, now working on the extra bits.  And I've started on a piece of crafting. 

The tooth extraction hasn't given me any bother, none of the horrible after effects that you usually get. It was just a bit achy and that was it.  A torch that I had dropped and thought was broken, turned out to need new batteries!    I also had a lovely email from the organiser of the museum trip,  little things like that always cheer me up.   Tomorrow I must get on with the housework, and do the windows, plus nets.   I'm also looking forward to the resumption of the art therapy on Thursday,  there will be two new faces, and I know what we're doing, finishing off the glass painting.   I'm also thinking of going on a few more trips with the group.  Last year started so badly, the family upset me and mum,  and the weather was awful so she couldn't get out. This year has been different,  it feels fresh,  and a little exciting.  I feel more settled in the flat now,  it has become 'my' home,  there is still stuff to do, but I find it best to break it up into manageable chunks.  My priority is to get rid of mum's old walker,  I'll have to check out the charity shops and see if any will take it.  I keep forgetting about it as it is downstairs next to the front door, so I only think about it when I'm going out. 

Well hopefully I should get some crafting done tomorrow.  I was so tempted by the modge podge on CnC yesterday,  it is wonderful stuff, but it will have to wait until my cash flow is a bit healthier.  So much I'd like, such as the melt pot,  with all the bits to go with it, and a load more Clarity stamps. 

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by...

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