Friday, 24 January 2014

Tin update

The tin is coming along nicely.  I put the finishing touches to the lid.  Hope you like the title.  I was very glad to have cut a few alphabets a while a go, made it easier to find all the letters.  I'm very  happy with the tin, now I have to fill it up with quotes!

I have got a nice set of quotes on some cards, which I think I'll use, and maybe grab a few from the internet.

So for the first page I had no idea what to start with, but staring at me on the craft desk was the leaf mask I'd bought from Clarity,  so I rooted out the leaf stamp.  

Then I stamped all the way round the card, next  using some masks I stamped more leaves and  used the solid leaf to add colour,  I used a mix of the TH distress inks,  oranges, golds and reds.  I wanted an autumnal look.  I love the autumn, when all the leaves begin to turn.  I chose another Clarity Stamp with "What is this life"... a quote I am very fond of.

So page number one is sorted.... number two?

 I decided to stick with the Clarity stamps.  I love the bird house set, and it seemed very apt for this quote.   This was easy to do,  used a black versamark for bird house and greenery, a bit of green for the Hollyhocks.  For the sky I used some adirondiac and a sponge,  and a lot of light dabbing, and that was that. 

I was a bit down in the dumps yesterday,  I decided to give the art therapy a miss.   I also bit the bullet and rang the DWP to find out what is happening with my PIP claim, and guess what... nine months later, almost to the day,  my claim has been settled and the benefit will be paid to me.  I nearly fell off my chair.  I'd convinced myself that I would be refused as it was just taking so long.   I have to say it is a huge weight off my mind,  I actually felt sick with relief.  I should get a letter in the next few days, and a payment will go through on Monday.

Today the crafting was a bit boring, repairing a few boxes, and then making a box using Craft Artist, I was very impressed with it.  I'd almost forgotton about Craft Artist,  and was all set to start making a box from scratch...  I'm not happy with the 3D glue our craft shop are selling, they were selling the nice collal glue,  now they only have the smelly stuff, and it goes off in the syringe after a couple of days - it is rubbish!  Going to treat myself to some Pin Flair.   I can now also afford a new pair of trousers,  need some shoes as well.  Luckily I kept up to date with the bills.  And I can apply for a blue badge at last. 

Well that is all for now,  hope you all have a lovely weekend - though it is going to be stormy!

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