Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year

Will it ever stop blowing a gale?   Yesterday wasn't too bad,  but today it was back to gales and rain. 

I've at last sorted out a design for my friend, I had tried two and didn't like either, so here is number 3!   I just got out the compass and drew this flower. My relief paste also arrived,  very good timing as I needed it for this design.  I figured out where I was going wrong with the paste, it going wonky,  I remembered something Barbara Gray said about always look where you're going,  and as you can see it worked! 

I also tried a different form of painting, instead of the flood fill I went for a lighter look. This is the first coat,  just want to build up the colour gradually. 

It's not been a good few days.  I had a bit of a meltdown on New Years Eve, technically today - 3rd Jan, is the day my dad died, and with losing mum last year well it all got a bit much. I had been doing okay,  was chatting happily to a friend then bang,  the mood just crashed.  I was much better for a good night's sleep. 

The rest of me is falling apart,  I have toothache, back ache, a pain in my hip and a rash!  I can't work out what the rash is,  so I'm trying some cream to see it that helps.  The hip pain wears off a little once I start moving, it is the getting moving bit that is the problem.   Was hoping the toothache would go away, it hasn't so I'll have to make an appointment, I hate the dentist. 

Not the best way to start the new year,  it can only get better - can't it?   I'll also be glad when the telly is back to normal. Why do they think we want to watch endless films, few of which are any good!  In the last few days we had Mary Poppins,  Sound of Music, and I am sure the Great Escape was on at some point.  And if I see one more celebrity game show I'll scream. 

All for now,  back tomorrow with the second coat.

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