Tuesday, 7 January 2014

More storms...

Will this bad weather ever end?  I'm a bit tired of getting wet!   I am a bit ratty but that is because of the toothace, but I did go and see the dentist, and am on antibiotics to kill the infection, then back on Friday for an extraction.  Still got the rash,  and some ezcema on my hand.  Had blood tests today, so I should find out if the anaemia has gone,  I feel tired but then I'm not sleeping very well.  Tried those Kalms last night, was very amused to see this warning on the box: may cause drowsiness:  I thought that was the idea?

No news on the PIP claim, yes it is 2014 and I and several thousand others are still waiting.  Just typical of this government, everything is half baked, and it is all about cutting,  they've gone beyond the tipping point and they can't even see it.

Now to something nice, my new picture.  I've been through 3 designs for a possible picture for a friend, I rejected the first two and have settled for this - the humming bird.  I am actually really chuffed with this.  Wasn't sure I'd be able to do it as there was a lot of work with the relief paste,  but I got there.  Just read Barbara Gray's blog, she talks about perfectionism,  and I realised that is what I strive for so end up rejecting stuff far too easily.  Got to cut it out, too much gets dumped in the bin.

But this just turned out far better than I expected.  It is in a clip frame, so it looks good, I put some white card behind it.  My friend can remove the back if she wants.   Now I can't wait to give it to her.

Not sure what to do next,  think I should do some crafting to keep my hand in.  I also feel like a change.  And there is a box that needs altering!  First though, the craft space needs a tidy up.  Finally managed to put all the Xmas stuff away,  now I need to have a good sort out. 

All for now, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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