Monday, 31 March 2014

New picture, new mess

Another early start,  needed because I was expecting a parcel.  Not sure I can cope with all these early starts.  But I am once again debt free, funny how bills all come at the same time? 

I did buy a large canvas...  that will be a real challenge!  In the meantime I had one small canvas left and since I am on a roll with the pictures thought I'd do another.   First decision - colour, was thinking of green, but it wasn't grabbing me... you'll have to wait and see.

Clue could be in this picture, which was how my glass mat looked like after some painting.  This is why I like the glass mat, you can do anything on it, paint, heat emboss, cut and it doesn't matter. After a soapy wash it came up all lovely and clean.

There is a bit of the new stash in amongst the paint, the decoart metallic paint, oh boy do I like it!  It has great coverage.   What else is there, well some dylusion, iridescent acrylic paint, a bit of distressed silver.

Another photo of the desk, this time with a few clues about what will go on the picture, as in cogs, cardboard... and whatever else turns up from a root in the stash. 

My new stuff arrived today,  tested out the decoart already, the keys and locks are really cute, they'll look nice on the picture. And darn it I forgot the glue sticks!  And I was in the shop... need a new brain.  So guess I should show the picture of the picture... drum roll!

Trust me, in real life it looks much better.  Now you can see why the glass mat was in such a state.  Did lots of dry brushing,  used my new mask - a bullseye, by Tando, and added the other bits for effect.   Now it just had to be left to dry thoroughly. 

I also went to a DIY shop, I wanted a particular roll of tape, which is like a mesh,  thought it would look good on the pictures,  I think that B&Q ought to hand out maps as you enter so that you have a slim chance of finding what you want.  They did have some, but it was twice the price of what had been on their website.  Rather go get some sequin waste, in fact I will.  But as I was driving out of the retail park I saw... Hobbycraft!  Yikes, they're opening on 17th April, here,  can't quite believe it.   It could also be dangerous,  currently the nearest one is Chester,  which is why I don't go there too often,  now I will have no excuse.  I'm doomed.

Now off to do some writing.

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