Sunday, 18 May 2014

A bit of pottering

It was time to give the garden a much needed tidy up. Several things needed an urgent trim,  and the empty pots required plants!   I spent a couple of hours outside yesterday, trimming and turning over the soil in the pots,  last job was to give the place a good brush.  My poor back wouldn't take any more so I retired to watch the FA cup final. 

Today, after obligatory bacon butty, it was time to do some planting.   Now the pots are all filled, oops, no I have one still empty, and I got a new fuscia.  The lavender is doing well, I topped up its compost and gave it a good feed.  The St Johns Wort has also recovered,  it had been looking very sorry for itself,  but it has now perked up.  Clematis has rewarded me with a lovely flower show. 

Not been around the craft desk much this week, haven't felt like it.  I finished my mandala in class, although still have a few gems to stick on it.  Today I was fishing for an idea for my swap,  now I have a few ideas,  but none have yet to come to fruition, that means I don't much like any of them.  I'd got a set of stamps out from Get Stamping, and felt like making patterns.  So I made a grid on a piece of 12x12, then set about stamping using the Chinese set.  It was so relaxing.  This was a dummy run,  will do a couple more tomorrow, this time taking a bit more care!  

I have been enjoying the sunshine,  decided to use shanks pony yesterday to go to the High St, it was a very sensible idea as there were some emergency road works, the traffic was backed up in all directions.  A few impatient types decided to ignore the cones and try to break through, stupid, really stupid, one silly woman mounted the kerb to get round them and nearly knocked over a man on a ladder!   I had the last laugh, as I sauntered along I saw the woman again, this time caught up in another snarl up!   So much for her short cut.  I was on my way to our cheap plant shop, tray of plants for £2!   Can't beat it.  I need to replace a bush that is well past its best,  it is all straggly and needs to be put out of its misery. 

Watched CnC, and yes, Cricut have now caught up with the cutting machines,  it is a bit like the silhouette, sensibly they've enabled the new machine to use the old cartridges.   A different coloured ebosser,  does the colour make any difference?    I think not.  I can see the sense in the ebosser,  I'm not at the stage where I am unable to use my calibur, but I am starting to have problems with my wrists, so an automatic machine may come in useful in the future. 

Well that is all from me, time to give the rest of the garden some water.  Have a lovely week.

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