Sunday, 11 May 2014

Clear the decks... I need to craft

This is how my crafting begins... first I have to clear the desk!   It wasn't too bad today due to the tidy up yesterday. You can see the mandala piece,   this would be how I'd present my desk if I did take part in that Whats on Your desk thingy...   called 'reality'. 

Anyway once the bits and bobs were cleared away, the overflow put into place it was time to peruse the new piece.  What to do with it, it needed a focal point, but what?  I toyed with a few ideas and didn't like any of them.  Had a look on line to see if I could find any pictures I could use, I did find a couple, tried them and, well they weren't quite right.  Back to the drawing board, or rather the kitchen to make a cuppa.  Then I had a thought... 

I decided to add two pieces of the modroc, or plaster bandage.  I love its texture, and that, once wet it stretches and frays.  I was happy with that, it had narrowed the focal point.  I dabbed some distress ink, blue (no idea what its fancy name is) around the edges of the modroc. It was looking good!   I had a few torn bits from the decopatch paper, so I played with them, then gave them a coat of the distressed ink. 

This is were I got up to,  still playing, so nothing is stuck down.  It is a blue and silver theme, think you can kind of tell...    I am wondering if I can stamp onto the modroc?  Never tried it, so will have to do a test tomorrow. 

I had a break then, used my sky sports pass for my Now TV box,  to watch the footie,  hoping that Man City would win the title, well I am a blue,  not a light blue, but an Evertonian.  Was also delighted to see that Man U could only scrape a draw... 

And nothing to do with craft but the lovely pinks that are causing me to smile.  They all opened yesterday and are guzzling water,  but they look so pretty.

Still suffering with the back,  it has caused a lot of problems this week.  I really don't want to go to the doctor,  I've had enough of doctors and hospitals.  Just made my list of 'things to do' for tommorrow, top of it is to send a birthday card and a present, oh and get some onions, how could I forget to get onions yesterday?   Beats me, I had my list,  though they weren't on it because I forgot to check if I had any. 

I did get myself a delightful notebook, have been thinking about keeping a journal,  spotted the notebook and it just appealed to me, it is quite quirky, not just a load of white paper, I'll have to take a photo as I don't think I could describe it.   I've committed myself to maintaining the journal.  Well I've managed to keep this blog!  

Well time to stop,  have a good week, and thanks for stopping by.

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