Thursday, 15 May 2014

The downs and ups of life...

My third mandala,  this is called Last Moments.  It began life with a white background and a pattern,  I didn't like it and painted over it.  I wanted the mandala to have energy,  so after I'd let the violet paint dry I then dry brushed on some silver, working in a circular motion so I could get the feel of an 'explosion'.    Next I cut the shapes from silver and purple mirri, then mounted them on mountboard.   The pattern has changed a few times over the week, now it is all glued down.  No idea what I'll do at next week's art therapy, may ask for another canvas as I have yet another idea for a mandala.

It's been a sad few days,  I have one friend facing the first anniversary of her dad's death,  and her mum is becoming increasingly stressed, and another friend whose mum is slowly dying,  she is in the end stages of dementia, not taking food or much liquid.  Life can suck at times.   At art therapy I noticed two of my therapy friends weren't their usual selves,  both are usually the lively ones, but not today.   I'd also been noticed by the tutors,  they'd picked up on my downer,  it is scary how observant they both are!   Yet it is also very comforting,  just to know that they care,  most of us are just too busy with our own lives, problems etc to observe others, we often fail to see when someone is in need of a kind word, a friendly smile or even, and most importantly, a hug!  

I'm dealing with my own rubbish,  yesterday the sun was shining so I took myself out.  I had to change a pair of trousers,   right, one pair of trousers, so how come I came home with two T shirts and another pair of trousers, and some slouchy pants?    Though I exchanged the trousers for the T shirts and slouchy pants, so it was a good deal.   I badly needed some summer trousers, found some nice linen trousers in the M&S outlet store,  really comfortable,  and was short on T shirts, in fact one T shirt has gone missing...  no idea where it is, and I really l liked it.

The forecast is for more sunny weather, so I am going to take advantage of it.  Been cooped up here a bit too much of late.

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