Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mandala Fiesta

Today was the final day of our mandala project, and everyone finished!   That was quite something, in fact it is the first time it has happened since I've been on the course. 

This one was made by my friend V, sorry can't give names.  I love this because it really developed organically,  with the buttons, then shells being added.  The middle bit is a concoction of mod roc, shells and small gems, plus a huge dollop of PVA glue!  She broke up a few necklaces, so it is a really personal mandala.

Love it.

This is by N,  it was his first attempt at anything like this,  and it is a brilliant effort.  Love the colours,  and some material was also used for the centre.  It was fun watching this come to life each week,  some of the detail is very intricate.

This is by S, again another very personal mandala, made up from bracelets, stones, crystals and necklaces.  There are also skeleton leaves, and lots of glittery paint.  This just seemed to keep on evolving on a weekly basis.

Now to K,  he was a bit like me, he kept changing his mind.  We all loved his first design, but he wasn't happy with it so he painted over it and began again.  He is a natural with colour.  This also has real depth to it, more so in real life than in the pic.

And my own, well the second one.  I completed it yesterday,  used card candi, and swapped the large paper butterflies for the smaller silver ones.  I felt that the big butterflies upset the balance.

I took in some paper and a few stamps to keep myself amused, everyone was fascinated by the stamps.  I am so used to being amongst crafters that it seemed odd to find myself explaining what mirri card is, and how you stamp.

So now we have a two week break,  tomorrow I'm off to an open day at a studio space,  and hopefully to sign up for a landscape painting course.  I've also enrolled on a development course,  wasn't sure,  so spoke to my friend about it who'd done it, she had enjoyed it, so may as well give it a go.  I will also, fingers crossed, have some other news to bring you tomorrow!  Just something I've been thinking about for a while.

All for now...

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