Monday, 26 May 2014

To drill or not to drill...

What has a drill and some wire got to do with my crafting?   All will be revealed shortly!  I've had two lazy days,  two lie ins and just a whole load of nothing, and it has been bliss.  I'd really overdone things on Friday,  I felt so stressed on Friday evening that I had an anxiety attack,  and struggled to get to sleep.  So Saturday I just took it easy,  went as far as the paper shop and that was that.  I then tried again with the canvas and made a total mess of it, so it is to be deconstructed.  So back to that drill....

Well best begin with this,  my second canvas.  This was sort of inspired by some work I'd seen on Friday at the open day.  I took what was left of my modelling paste, mixed it with some iridescent paint and slapped it on a canvas.  I then worked it with an old afro comb until I got a pattern I liked.  Then all I could do was let it dry overnight, and plan what woud happen next.  That's when I had to go and look for my hand drill... it was lurking at the bottom of the tool box.
Today I began drilling the holes.  I had this idea for using geometric patterns, as I used to do at school,  to thread wire or cotton/string,  since I was using canvas board the drill was necessary.   Still got more to do, but it is coming along nicely.  I was going to use the wire, but it was proving too difficult, so I went looking for the cotton, then I had to find a needle! 

I want to still use the wire for another project, so I need to find a way of threading it without getting into too much of a tangle.  On my rummage in the toolbox I came across a load of dowels, which will do nicely on another canvas.   I just feel like a change at the moment, feel I was getting bogged down with the craft, so as they say, a change is as good as a rest.  Have to go get some more modelling paste and metallic paint tomorrow. 

The other reason for my laziness is that the French Open has started,  there is good coverage on ITV 4,  next will be Queens and finally Wimbledon!  

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