Saturday, 24 May 2014

Can the sun come back?

This canvas has been bugging me for over a week,  just not sure what to do with it.  I'm happier,  but it still isn't right.  I put the magpie on, stencilled in its body, then used modelling paste to add the detail through the inner stencil. I'm liking that.   May leave it alone for a few days.

Yesterday was a very busy day.  I went to an open day at a local community based arts centre. I had a lovely time,  lots to see and sign up to.

There was also free tea and coffee, plus a free lunch!  I'd have been quite happy to pay,  and think that they should have charged something as they are raising money for more projects.  We saw lots of fantastic work,  some of the studio spaces had been opened,  I was getting lots of inspiration.  Then we had some good news, or my friend did.  She'd put her name down for a studio space a few months ago,  and yesterday she found out she'd got one!  I was so happy for her,  she lives in a very small flat with no room for her art stuff. 

Hence the desire for a studio.  Not sure how she contained herself, well she did, but only just.  To calm her down we went off to the animal sanctuary, I'll not say which one as I wasn't impressed.    I found the whole experience very stressful.  When we arrived there didn't seem to be any organisation,  finally I spoke to the receptionist,  we filled out our form, then we waited,  we had no idea what was going on, there was nowhere to sit.  After about 20 minutes we were taken round to the cattery,  lots of moggies but all on their own, no staff in sight.  They were all healthy, well fed,  but they all looked bored.  I had said that I wanted a house cat, quiet, an adult and female, the assistant then showed me a very young and very timid cat,  she was lovely, apparently she'd come in with her brother, and so they'd separated them!  Dumb thing to do as she was obviously missing him.   I did look at the cats, but  none were really suitable so we left.  Not sure I want to go through that againm  I felt ill last night, my anxiety levels were through the roof,  so I am looking elsewhere.  I know the right one will arrive at the right time. 

Enjoy what is left of the bank holiday, let's hope the weather improves.

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