Friday, 30 May 2014

In memorium

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.
Maya Angelou
It came as quite a shock to learn that Maya Angelou had died,  she seemed to touch so many lives.  Her work will live on, so it is sad that Michael Gove sees fit to axe her work from the syllabus, this man is a literary luddite! 
I've been working on canvas all week and I've been enjoying myself.  Well, okay, I did get frustrated with this picture the other day,  I tried something and it didn't quite work.  I left it and came back to it the next day with an idea of what I wanted,  namely the arch, but had no idea what I'd put inside it!  Then the news came of Maya Angelou, so this then became my tribute to her, the diamonds are making up an abstract lotus.  The arch is a bridge, as we must build bridges across all manner of things,not least between different creeds, cultures, genders,  purple is for spirituality and wisdom, the lotus for rebirth and purity.   
I've now begun work on a 3rd canvas!   It is drying at the moment, just got the base coat down,  lots more to do before it can be viewed.    Tomorrow is the start of my landscape painting course,  feeling a little nervous,  no make that a LOT nervous!    It will be a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning,  and I'll enjoy the learning process.    Will report back over the weekend.   
Enjoy whatever you're doing this weekend. 

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