Monday, 13 July 2015

Don't mention the tennis...

Best NOT to mention the tennis...   okay the better player won on Friday,  but he definitely isn't a match for Novak anymore.  I hope Federer considers retirement,  he had no answer yesterday.   So the tennis is over for another year...  now what to watch?  Golf...   it is the Open this week, happy days.

And here is 'himeself',  half awake the other morning.  Yes he was nice and cosy on the rolled up duvet,  looking like butter wouldn't melt...  that was after he'd woken me up demanding to go out at 5.30 a.m.,  he had no chance.  The girlfriend came round later, trying to steal his food until he chased her.   I like quiet in the morning...  got that Harvey?

Another life drawing exercise,  once again it was the feet that stumped me.  I'm struggling with proportions as well.  The book is packed full of info, so it is a case of getting my head round it all.  Once I was happy with the proportions it was easy,  I hid her hands! 

I was doing this drawing to dstract myself from the tennis,  I was getting too nervous to watch.   Harvey did his bit to distract me,  plodding in and out of the flat, then demanding to be fussed over - he hinted at this by landing in my lap.   Well he'd had an upsetting morning, my neighbour painted my bathroom, which was very kind of him.  Not much to paint as most of it is tiled.  There was still stuff for me to do, like wash the glass shelves, ceiling light, and of course make the obligatory cups of tea.  Not that I minded,  he is such a lovely neighbour, nothing is too much trouble.  So I have a lovely clean bathroom. 

This kept me occupied during the final.   Didn't get my usual Sunday paper,  got the Mail on Sunday instead,  paper lad claimed that the Express hadn't been delivered to the shop.  Anyway as I flicked through the magazine I came across this gorgeous photo,  it is of a model, she is now in her 70s and is still modelling.  I've just started to sketch the photo of how she is now.   I'm okay with profiles, and I think my 'ears' are getting better!   Beginning to understand them now, which sounds odd, then again ears can be odd.   Still need to make her hair much darker,  maybe add a bit more shading.  This was fairly easy to do, to my surprise, or was it because I was wondering why Fed had bothered to beat Murray?   I could imagine Murray giving Novak a proper run for his money, even beating him.   Fed just had no answer,  just please make this his last year! 

And then there is this...  my new project!   I felt down in the dumps last week, and sometimes when I am like that I start looking at dolls houses.  I had one as a child, which my uncle built for me and my sister.   Since then I've hankered building my own but never got round to it,  mostly it was a case of simply not being able to afford it.   So I went on ebay, and looked under 2nd hand, to my surprise this little beauty came up for the princely sum of: £20, I nearly fell off my chair.  I had a good look at the photos, description, checked out the buyer... then bought it.   I mean, twenty quid!   I've been watching videos on Youtube how how to build a dolls house, already got lots of tips, and I hope they'll help me avoid the pitfalls.   The videos are also chock full of money saving advice, like using scrap book paper for wallpaper, and flooring (use modge podge or something similar to seal it and make it shiny.).  So I realised that I can utilise a lot of my craft stuff, especially the papers. 

I need to light it first before doing any decorating,  just been checking out ebay for lighting kits but realised I need to know how many rooms I am going to need to light.   This isn't going to be rushed,  it can't be,   there is painting, sealing, stuff that needs to dry properly before moving on to the next bit.  The lighting looks pretty straightforward,  the video was very clear on instructions.   The presenter had also used eggshells as stone work!   I watched it and was fascinated, but she admitted that it did take a lot of eggshells to complete a wall.   I think if I did that the walls wouldn't get finished till next Christmas.  But then I thought about the molding paste...  see already thinking outside the box!   The house is due to arrive on Thursday,  so first update on it will be over the weekend. 

All for now,  thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

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