Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I'm building a house, but think it should be an ark!

It is building time!  Yep I reached the stage were everything had been primed,  all bits checked,  dry fitted... so it was time to start putting it all together. 

The way the house had been designed was to have the lugs protruding,  which I didn't want. So first job was to trim down all the lugs, except for those on the base.  Next part was to glue the sides, front and base together, using No Nails.  Then it had to be taped together to ensure a strong bond, and left overnight to set. 

Don't be fooled by the roof, it isn't stuck down,  it was used to hold the other bits together.  I put the gable on just to see what it would look like.

The next day the first task was to fill round the lugs.   Then it was time to tackle the interior.   Needed to trim the lugs a bit more so they'd slot in easily,  got the first floor in place, once again it was all taped up and left to one side.  In the meantime I did some sanding on the other bits, the fancy roof things, and gave them another coat of emulsion.   Then came lunch,  chance to watch the rain falling... 

Next task was to put the main room divider in situ.  This would help the first floor to be held in place.  This was the easiest of all the tasks,  it just slipped straight in!   I used a bit of tape to hold it in place, just in case.   I'd already gone round the joints with extra no nails, so the house was now solid.  And it was starting to look like, well a house!   I popped the stairs in place to see what it would look like,  there will be a rail round them at the top, plus half room dividers - to allow access to the rooms as the front doesn't open. 

This is the bottom bit, it will be the lounge, and study.  I looked in the dumping cupboard, (also known as the cloakroom) and found some bits of carpet tiles,  and some kitchen floor tiles.   I've got some paper, but not enough to paper a whole room.  There will also be skirting boards. 

I want this room to have an earthy feel to it, so there will be reds, browns, orange,   so it also feels warm.  Next door will be the kitchen and dining room.   I found some washable paper which I could use for the floor. 

Upstairs,  this will be the bedroom, and where the stairs are will be a seating area.  Next door will be the main bedroom and bathroom. 

Of course there is a long way to go before I even get to put one piece of wall paper on a wall.  The outside has to be finished, and the windows.  Need them finished so I can start putting in the 'glass' or acetate.  I've found a template for the arch window, it will come in very handy for when I am wallpapering.  The ceilings have been papered already. 

I've also got to do some 'fixing' round the door and top windows, they had a very awkward looking hinge arrangement.  So I had to fill in those holes as I'll be using proper hinges for the shutters and door.   I'm going to use some of the waste material to make a step outside the front door, and other bits as decoration on the walls.  

Today I made the roof tiles.   I'd seen a video on YouTube showing how to make roof tiles out of sandpaper.   I'd found some 12x12 sheets of grey card, so I used that,  it was fiddly with all the measuring and cutting, but it does look realistic.  I will need a couple more sheets of grey card, oh and some metal tape for the 'flashing'.  I had been wondering how to finish off  the joins, where gable meets roof, then just happened to glance outside and saw the flashing on the roof opposite.  There will also be drain pipes,  and guttering.  Yes I know I am being adventurous, but I want it to look like a grown up dolls house. 

So that's the house update.  The 'me' update, well I'm very achy at the moment, also getting a lot of numbness and frozen feeling in little and ring fingers on both hands.  Without an xray no-one can of course tell me whether a disc is bulging or not...   I am hacked off with all this 'saving',  it seems to me that they're not saving much by no xraying my neck and lower back. I read today about pain all being in the 'mind',  well it ain't.  Like lots of folk who have a bad back I have, in the past, been able to manage it successfully, but not now.  Nor do I give in to pain easily,   I know how important it is to move, not to sit too long, or stand too long.   I've kept my core muscles in good shape,  I've not been a lazy sod,  and I am just sick of being labelled by the press as being a scrounger, when will this bloody propoganda come to an end?   Up to you folks, stop believing what you read, start questioning it.

Right that's it, need to go do my diary.  Let's hope it starts to dry up, oh and it would be nice if it were a tad warmer!

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