Thursday, 30 July 2015

The wallpaper is up!

At last I've moved on to the inside.  The plan today was to get some wallpaper...    won't bore you with the details but my plans were somewhat curtailed, so I took a trip to Hobbycraft.   I'd already looked at their papers, but gave it another go, then had a brain wave, the 12x12 patterned papers were too big, or rather the patterns were, but not the 8x8!   Then I found some really nice paper pads,  which all had at least four sheets of the same pattern - success!   I also found some thin duck tape, silver, which will do nicely for the flashing on the roof. 

So after lunch I started wallpapering the upper floor.  I already had a template of the arched windows,  that made life much easier.  They do, as I have decided, need 'finishing off',  which I'll do tomorrow, and I'll explain what I did.  But it all quickly began to take shape, and looked so much different with the wallpaper up.  I also put in the acetate for the windows.  This part is the guest bedroom and the stair/landing area.  The landing area will have a sofa, bookcase and small table, oh and lamp. I want it to look cosy.  There is the half partition...  more on that in a mo!

To give a feel of what it will all eventually look like, I used part of a carpet tile, and placed one of the skirting boards along the wall.  Now it looks quite posh, but that window still needs to be finished!   The half partition,  well, this dolls house is accessed from the rear, so a full partition would restrict access to the rooms.  The partition still has to be papered and stuck into place. Oh, and there is a strip of paper to be added, I hadn't forgotten,  it was just starting to get late and I was getting tired, so I stopped.  Tiredness leads to sloppiness, which I'm trying to avoid.

The very top bit will have plain paper,  just to finish it off.   Round the windows will be an arched frame, I'll use some stiff white card.   The flooring will be carpet tiles,  tho for the kitchen and bathroom it will have a 'tiled' effect.     I gave the outside a good sandpapering, and finished off the window frames.    Yesterday I focused on the verandah,  sanding and painting all the woodwork, they still need a couple more coats, but are starting to look the business.    Today's plans went out of the window after I'd visited the GP surgery to ask if the doctor could prescribe a different brand of HRT, the one I'd been using was now out of stock everywhere.  The receptionist led me on a wild goose chase, saying that I'd need to try other chemists, first I'd have to get back the prescription,  So I said that on the prescription in question there had been other items, she said that it was on its own...   Anyway she rang round and found a chemist who had some of the HRT,  then asked me to go and retrieve the prescription from Boots. So off I went, knowing it would be a fruitless mission, and it was,  yep I was right, the 'script' had all my other medication on it, so it couldn't be returned to me...  At least Boots were very understanding.  I waited until surgery started up again, and yep, a new receptionist, who did as I requested,  she asked the doctor to prescribe another brand... sorted!   In the meantime my morning plans had been shredded,   it was too late to go to the Dolls House shop. Why too late, well I wanted to watch the women's golf, plus I can only manage a few hours of activity before tiredness sets in.   As it was I managed to tweak my back, so ended up in a lot of pain.   I had one thing to look forward to, my dinner: cauliflower cheese!    Real comfort food, and with new potatoes, and some butter!   So tomorrow has to be a rest day,   tho I will do more wallpapering, I can sit down for that.  Then on Saturday I shall venture to the dolls house shop and see what goodies I can find.  

Oh and if anyone finds summer, can you tell it to visit the UK?   It seems to have gone missing....

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